Culture Wednesdays: “Frontline” Music Video Review


We couldn’t launch the first installment of “Culture Wednesdays”- a series that will highlight the talents of the African diaspora in the arts and entertainment industry- without a review of Ethiopian-American singer Kelela’s music video for her single, “Frontline”.

Months after releasing her debut album Take Me Apart, Kelela finally dropped the long-awaited visuals for “Frontline” last week. In this Sims-inspired video, the singer dumps her cheating ex-boyfriend who had betrayed their relationship to have an affair with a white woman. She then goes for a long drive accompanied with her two girlfriends, while visuals depicting her past relationship dash across the screen.

With this Sims-like video, I was able to tell my story in a light-hearted but dramatic way”, Kelela told The Rolling Stone. “It’s about leaving your ex with the wind in your hair while acknowledging a curiously complex feeling of pain that he has left you for a white woman.”

Despite the jovial nature of the animated visuals, the video doesn’t miss the intent of the lyrics, which highlight the complex series of emotions that entail after a breakup. “Frontline” reveals the peak of Kelela’s creativity and her continuous effort to defy the artistic norm as a black, African queer artist.

Can’t take it back even though you wish I could

If you think I’m going back, you misunderstood

You cry and talk about it, baby, but it ain’t no use

See you wasn’t lucky when I pushed

Stay tuned for next week’s installment of “Culture Wednesdays”!

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