The COVID 19 pandemic has entirely rearranged how we work and interact. Seeing people in your community has become a rare encounter. Working from home or from your community environment is the new norm. 

Understandably, it’s hard to say that the year 2020 is rolling off – even in June! With many “abnormal” now being normalized due to COVID-19, the year 2020 is still surprisingly unfolding.

For the beauty world and beauty business there has been a surge in vloggers creating more accessible digital content for makeup and hair tutorials, for beauty entrepreneurs this looks like hosting virtual sales parties or even giving consumers extra sample products with shipped items. 

The hustle never stops and always finds a way. 

Here are some cool new trends that African and Black beauty consumers and businesses alike should jump on as the rest of 2020 unfolds. 

African and Black Fashion Barbies and Dolls 

We know what you’re thinking- yes we mean Barbies and dolls! Art often imitates life and with using dolls, fashion designers professional and rising have slowly started to utilize how to quickly represent some of their design styles, or collections through the use of these dolls. 

Don’t expect African Barbie fashion shows anytime soon, but do expect rising designers to make teaser videos for when they drop a new summer collection!

For young fashions entrepreneurs fresh to the business that may not have many ways of delivering or showcasing their content, this is one really cool way to do so! Presenting and inspiring young girls with new looks, black and brown skin tones of all hues, and hair- yes hair that looks and feels just like theirs or their mamas is worth it! 

There is versatility and quick delivery in marketing your clothing itself, or your clothing pattern/styles through the use of dolls. Sometimes starting small isn’t a bad idea and there is a way to not only reach a younger and wider audience, but this is the opportunity to shine and showcase while also uplifting young Black and African girls! 

Image Obtained from Enchanted Styles via Etsy

Microbiome Skincare Routines and Wider Product Base 

We’ve all had our run-ins with stubborn pimples that refuse to go away even after using all your home remedies. We’ve all probably dealt with a genetic skin condition like eczema before and it’s not pretty nor does it feel pretty. 

With microbiome skin care, using cosmetic products like micellar water, skin care repair kits, topical probiotic creams, microbiome specific anti aging creams, etc, etc have all done some wonders in helping consumers manage their skin conditions or aid in the process of skin cell regeneration/healing! 

For African and Black women, there are a growing number of cosmetics being created to help black and brown skin, and skin conditions. Praise be to the cosmetic industry as it expands horizons and increases diversity in some regards! 

Using some of these products on the biochemical level, helps penetrate layers deepers into the skin to remove tougher set oils, dirt, or grime that can sometimes even cause skin irritation or conditions. Learning what works for your skin becomes an essential tool in finding a product that works! 

Open Conversations about Beauty and Mental Health 

Many vloggers, bloggers, and even celebrities have come forward to express their varied content and discontent with their skin, weight, or hair. For Black women and men this conversation holds an even more introspective lesson about healing that demands to be had! 

Embracing your skin no matter what hue is the key. You’ve got to see your own skin and beauty beyond how the popular media depicts you. You are beautiful in your own stunning way!

While some savvy beauty entrepreneurs are already getting the idea that they ought to put you in their marketing persona, a lot of them are still struggling to face the facts around market trends.

This trend will hopefully not just remain a fad, but become  a continued practice where businesses and entrepreneurs host earnest conversations about the products they create, why it matters, and to whom! It’s about time that the cosmetic industry evolves in embracing you.

Business won’t be as usual with the generation Z in the mix. Creating cool; killer products not just for premium buyers but for all is the way of the future.

These were just a few crazy and cool ideas to look forward to in fashion and cosmetic care for Black and African beauty in 2020. 
Let us know what you think about some of these wild moves in the comments! Until next time, check out helpful and cute protective hairstyles for 4C hair!

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