Comparing the experience of Africans living in India versus the experience of Indians living in Africa


The level of interaction between regions has been on the increase over the years. Africa gets to interact with other parts of the world in the form of trade, education, and politics. One of the countries that Africa communicates with to a great extent is India. The interaction has led to many Africans living in India and Indians living in Africa. The two groups have different experiences when it comes to the type of lifestyle and level of socialization that they get from the natives.

The experience of Africans in India

Africans living in India do not enjoy life to the level in which their counterparts in Africa believe. Most of them are lonely most of the time since they do not get to socialize with the natives. The behavior of the natives can be attributed to the difference in culture. It can also be as a result of racism which is common in most of the Asian countries.

Many Africans living in India complain that they are subjected to harsh conditions in most of the cases. They live in the poorest regions. They are forced to interact with fellow Africans because the Indians do not allow them to interact freely with them. Most of the Africans in India are interested in learning the Indian culture they find this quite hard because they do not interact with the natives.

Some of the Africans in India also complain of being associated with practices they are not involved in. Indians always associated Africans with drug trafficking and violence. They end up facing a lot of charges. Most of the Africans report that at one point, they were mistaken to be drug dealers who were in India to sell drugs.

When it comes to business opportunities, the Africans do not have the same level of priority as the Indians. Most Africans who live in India work in the firms owned by Indians. They do not own property in the country and also find it quite hard to acquire Indian citizenship. Most of the Africans that live in India have their families back in Africa.

The experience of Indians in Africa

The Indians in Africa do not go through problems like the Africans living in India. Some of them have established businesses within Africa and even employ the natives. Some of the wealthiest people in African countries are Indians. The Indians have established families within Africa. Some of them have yet acquired the citizenship of African countries and continue to live in peace.

The experience of Indians in Africa is attributed to the friendly nature of most Africans. They do not face any form of segregation from the natives. They learn the culture of the Africans as a result of the high level of cooperation from the Africans.

Comparing the experiences of Africans in India and that of the Indians in Africa, it is evident that there is a big gap. Africans do not have the freedom in India as the Indians do in their respective host states in Africa. A lot still needs to be done to improve the status of the Africans living in India to match that of the Indians that reside in Africa.

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