Common Misconceptions Americans have about Africa


If you are from Africa, you may have heard or met people who viewed the continent differently. But don’t blame them, social media and the internet has played a huge role in this. Most people tend to believe all these stories they read online, but you can only tell the beauty of the city you know. These misconceptions arise when a problem is experienced in one part of the continent which makes them think that’s how the entire continent is. In this roundup, we have compiled some of the common misconceptions Americans have about Africa.

Africa is a poor continent

As much as the continent is developing, this doesn’t mean that there are no folks who are rich. When Americans see immigrants, they think they have run from their poor continent to come to take over their jobs. But the truth is, African are hardworking and like adventure and would do any job to make ends meet.  

Africa is a desert

Africa is one of the fertile continents and produces more farm produce for both local and international markets. When most people see food donation, they try to think that the entire continent is a desert. However, some parts may experience seasonal drought due to climate change which is not only an African problem but a global challenge.

Africa is insecure

There is no continent which is 100% secure to live, in fact some of the African nations are even safer to live in than some developed countries. Besides, Africa is a home of many immigrants across the globe including expatriates from states and are enjoying living in this great continent.

Every African believes in superstition

The whites and other foreign settlers introduced most religions practiced in Africa. However, despite the fact that the continent practices different religious beliefs, most people think every African are superstitious.

All Africans are black

When most people think about African what comes in their mind is black skin. This isn’t true. We have Africans who have different skin color, and this should not be a sole factor to define African identity.

Which other misconceptions have you heard about Africa? Drop your contributions on the comment section.

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