BF Soul Food Restaurant

BF Soul Food Restaurant

Authentic Ethnic Cuisine in Harlem that Offers Tasty Variety in a Buffet Style

Right on 125th Street Madison Avenue, the BF Restaurant  is an ethnic cuisine that offers New Yorkers a variety of delightful meals to enjoy to the fullest. Check out our succulent meat variety including well roasted lambs and beef, and bite our lightly spiced and smoked ribs to get to the soul of real taste. You’d particularly enjoy our assorted chicken variety of fried, grilled, and sauteed chicken. 

We are from a family  of Chefs. Grew up in African, landed in Harlem over 15 years ago, and literally “cooked”  our way up. Our spice and creativity support many household restaurants we’ve worked for in Harlem. Now, we are proud to own ours, and we are set to innovate the taste of soul food while at the same time keeping its authenticity. 

We operate buffet style, so while we own the taste and flavor, you own the choice! 
Providing enjoyable meals at affordable prices is our goal. Explore the images below, and stop by to serve yourself. 

We cater to large group orders for all kinds of events, so put your event burden on us, we got you!

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