Are Demonic Possessions Real?


Beware of these 5 Signs of Demonic Possession

Demons are fallen angels that took up the mantle of being malignant supernatural spirits led by satan to harm people. They dwell in the human body just to perpetual evil. Like we see in movies, they often engulf a body through satanic rituals or a covenant with the devil. Demonic possession existed in ancient times, and they still do now. For this reason, magical practices such as conjuring spirits, incantation spells, and the use of amulets are crucial evidence that demons are real.

However, demonic beings are no figment of superstition because they exist to destroy and are filled with hate for every other creation apart from themselves. And even today, demons still possess people. 

If you’ve been wondering if demons are real and how to recognize a possessed person, this article is for you. Hence, we will be discussing how to beware of these five signs of demonic possession.

Attention: These signs listed are clues and not an all-case, every sign represents a specific situation. Therefore not all signs are definite cases, and not every demon-possessed person can exhibit all the listed signs.

1. Morbid Obsession

Bumping into intense negative thoughts to harm and kill someone and being obsessed with darkness may signify a person is subject to heavy demonic influence. Sometimes these thoughts can be blaspheming or indulging in some form of heresy. Often than not, these unwanted thoughts are usually about the devil.

demonic possession
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When people get the feeling or thought to sell their soul to worship Satan, they get demonic inspiration. Recognizing that these intrusive thoughts are not normal but a morbid obsession helps you stay clear.

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2. Supernatural Strength

A biblical scripture, Mark 5:1-16, narrated the story of a demon-possessed man with legions of demons inside him. This man demonstrated extraordinary ability such that whenever he is in chains and shackles, he snaps the chains from his wrist and smashes the shackles. No one could subdue him. The violent ability within the man depict demons are not just powerful, but they have supernatural strength.

demonic possession
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However, those who are demon-possessed exercise this type of ability, the same can be said for psychics, fortune tellers, and those who push false religion or doctrine. And this can make them puissant enough to mimic what God does.

3. Vicious behaviour

vicious behaviour
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When you begin to notice a person with barbaric behavior in a way that drives them to fume in violence, think about the fact that serial killers don’t murder because they seek retribution. Instead, they do it for abnormal gratification. Demonic spirits hate every bit of God’s creation which makes them want to hurt anyone.

Still, they are eager to possess any available physical body because they don’t have a physical body. When they do, they turn such a person against God and others. Don’t just beware of this sign but pray for spiritual discernment from God.

4. Self-harm

self harm
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Self-harm is not to say that everyone who harms themselves is possessed, but it can signify that someone is under an unwanted spiritual influence and might need deliverance. The demon-possessed man in Mark 5:4 would wander around the burial caves and hills, howling and cutting himself with sharp stones. This is a good clue of how being under a demonic influence can cause self-harm.

5. Resisting the things of God

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The nearness of God can be a discomfort to a possessed body. These ungodly spirits express torment in the sight of God because they can recognize the supremacy and sovereignty God’s presence beholds. Therefore a demon-possessed person can not withstand the things of God because it tortures their spirit and soul. 

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Bottom line

Being under the control or influence of demonic possession is to be in bondage. Please don’t get it twisted; anyone subject to demons may exhibit more signs beyond this list, so stay woke. For this reason, you should pray for spiritual discernment because demons can be anywhere and everywhere.

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