9 Terrific Lies Believers Are Fed About Worship


Without a doubt, worship is an essential part of our relationship with God as believers. It’s an opportunity to express and appreciate His sweet love. The same way the body requires food and water for survival, so does our spiritual well-being rely on worship. The heart grows cold, and faith withers off like the fig tree without a healthy worship lifestyle. Hence, 1 Peter 5:8 sternly warns us to be sober and vigilant because the devil is roaming around like a roaring lion, and he will do anything to separate us from God. We will be fed with lies, in fact, terrific ones! However, it shouldn’t be a surprise when the enemy starts scheming and hunting for every sign of weakness to sabotage our worship. To avoid being prey to these satanic misconceptions, this article will highlight nine terrific lies believers are fed about worship.

Stay alert, be watchful and avoid these awful lies from stealing your fulfillment in God!

Worship Depends on Your Mood

lies about worship
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You might have been fed this; “the worship song has to be soulful,” “your mood needs to wear the brightest look,” or “the worship setting must look superb.” The worship architectural design has nothing to do with how you worship God. You might even hear this; the worship leaders must do things perfectly so that others can follow; else, the fault is all theirs if nobody worships.

You must “Get An Instant Result” Out of Worship

lies about worship
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If you leave a worship gathering and cannot identify an instant result of your worship, it means someone has failed you, or the worship was not acceptable. This is another horrible lie. Solidify your faith in Christ, to be patient enough to wait on Him even when he delays answering you sometimes.

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Only Emotional and Joyful Worship Counts 

lies about worship
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If it is not fast, loud, or more profound, it is not up to expectation. When you listen and see how believers embrace a more traditional, more sober, and formal style of worship, you will realize how far people have bought the lie. We complain about worship events being boring and sleep-inducing but forget that only our Father in Heaven has the right to be the judge of that.

Sunday Worship is Irrelevant

sunday service
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Sad how a lot of believers are buying into the lie that Sunday worship service is irrelevant. They even say that God sees the heart, which is all that matters. Practice the art of consistently worshiping God, with joy and gratefulness every single day not only on a specific day.

The Quality of Your Offering is Not a Criterion

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Malachi 1:6-14 deals with a larger context of how people were cheating and dishonoring God by their actions by bringing a blemished offering to God. Our Heavenly Father never settles for less He knows an insult when one is passed. The quality of your offering and your heart’s sincerity is crucial to how you worship God. This doesn’t make God vile or less understanding. For instance, the widow in Mark 12 gave two small coins, but the Lord still said her offering was the most significant that day. The moral lesson here is obvious: what makes an offering more special is its value to us.

Your Worship is Nothing Compared To Others

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You are the only one who has difficulty concentrating, gets intensely overwhelmed with distraction during prayers, or is bored with ongoing worship activity.

Feeble Attempts Don’t Matter to God

feeble worship attempt
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It is either you are doing it or not doing it. Nothing like trying; else, you will be offending God. This is another terrific lie believers fed about worship.

Worship is an Inassertive Process

worship leader
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We will only worship when the worship leaders lead worships that are spirit-lifting. Worship is not what we do; it is something that happens to us—another profound untruth.

Worship Leaders are Paid to Host Worship Sessions

worship leader
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Worship leaders are just supposed to coordinate and we are meant to watch their performance and critique and grade their actions. Lie of the century!

Bottom line

These are just a few of the lies about worship that exist. However, we need to ignore them and start worshipping God wherever we are, every day of our lives. And do so in Truth and Spirit.

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