5 Snip-Bites on Black Holes


How Nonscientists can Think of Black Holes:

Dark Lord Sauron. (Image Credit: Katie Tegtmeyer [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

A team of scientists from Event Horizon Telescope Project offered a  new level of advancement to science.

They reported last week that they were able to gather more information on Black Holes than the world already knew as they shared the image captured by their sophisticated equipment with the world.

 The image of a Black Hole black shared seems to have an eye with its pupil widely dilated almost as if it was calling the world to check it out.


But the illusionists and sorcerers’ world may have a different view on what this image looks like.


It may be sitting up there in some billion light years, to the occult world, there’s no mistake with what they were seeing. It’s all relative- and has existed before.


What to make of it if you are neither a scientist nor a magician, and yet care about what’s going on?

 The sorcery fans insist that what they saw was Sauron, a celestial being characterized in The Lord of The Rings.  Is Science confirming its fiction or vice-versa? Where do astronomy and astrology mix?


While these are good questions for the curious mind,  folks who are not into science or astrology may still want to know what to quickly make  of Black Holes and keep it moving. If you aren’t digging science or magic, and still want to keep an ear down, here are five snap bites:


 5 snip bites of  how nonscientists can think of Black Holes:

  1. For good or bad, the study of Black Holes promises  a better understanding of the creation.

  2. Gravity is very important to the birth of stars and to the stability of many planets. The Black Holes have highly concentrated pull of gravity that can open humans to a new world of possibilities.

  3. Black Holes have been noted with a characteristic  that distorts time and space. With this understanding comes a high possibility for humans to be able to go back in time and space -hence, time travel.

  4. Some astrologists  believe that there is a middle earth that humans can cross into in their physical bodies. Learning more about Black Holes could tell if this is a myth, distortion, or reality.

  5. The world of Sorcerers and several fans of The Lord of the Rings believe that what scientists refer to as Black Holes  looks too much like the eye of the Dark Lord Sauron, and in their world, sighting it carries a code that foretells something extraordinary.  

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