5 Key Signs you are Drifting from God


How to spot them and Reconnect with God

Imagine a chandelier with a loose light bulb; how do you fix it? After all, they are stationary. Just like the light bulb, you are a light that must stay with its source.

When we become stationary in our walk with God, we become disconnected from our one true light source. You perhaps know someone who used to be devout but decided to abandon their faith with a complete change of heart. It is not normal; in fact, it is odd! This is an unmistakable sign of drifting from God. 

For this reason, let’s discuss the 5 key signs and how they indicate you are drifting from God;

1. The bible no longer has a place in your heart

drifting from God

Often we complain that the bible is complex or rather lengthy, so much so that it has become a perfect sleeping dose when reading it. Worse, you are not even willing to devote time but have time for other engagements like partying and binge-watching, to mention but a few. But the bible is enjoyable when you give it a chance and are intentional about it.

Reading the bible is a way of communicating with God; like any relationship, a lack of communication breeds distance. Just like every other aspect of your life, when it begins to feel like the word of God makes no sense, then it means something is wrong. This is a sign you might be drifting from God. Taking a step back to reconcile with God’s words will be the perfect solution. “The word of God is lamp onto thy feet and light unto thy path” Psalms 119:105

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2. Your mind is set on temporal things

drifting from God

Where your treasure is, your mind will be, Mattew 6:21. We are at a point where our priorities are misplaced. Instead, we prioritize wealth, career, possessions, physical appearance, relationships, beauty (Gasp!), and more above God. Not that all of these are inherently wrong, but they can be when it begins to make you lose touch with God. To get closer to your earthly father, you’d always want to do everything to please him. So also should you to your heavenly father.

3. Praying feels overwhelming

drifting from God

When prayer is no longer a part of your life, it indicates that you are drifting from God and lack a real relationship with Him. You can not be too busy to pray; prioritize when that becomes the case. Instead of devoting a large chunk of time to praying, sneak prayer as part of your daily routine. You can do that while cooking, in the office, or waiting for a train. It is relieving to pray a little bit here and there than never. Prayer is the cornerstone of every Christian life.

4. You trivialize sin


drifting from God

We become what we behold, meaning you will likely be regarded by what you represent. Engaging outrightly with activities that defile God’s word or deny the severity of your action is a step to falling into a dangerous snowball effect of minimizing sin. “If you do not do what is just, sin is crawling at your door,” Genesis 4:7. This was a warning to Cain right before he killed Abel. This shows that God speaks to us, but we ignore and logically rationalize what we do. Sin can be dominating, and as a Christian, you have to be sensitive enough, so it does not desensitize your God radar.

When people say “no one is perfect, we are all flawed,” it is just an excuse to encourage rebellious acts like murder, homosexuality, and all sort of heinous acts in society (2 corinthians 5:21). To stay away from sin, you have to recognize the reality and seriousness of it. While this might not be enough, confessing our sins when we violate the holy law is the ultimate atonement. It shows we understand and appreciate his death and resurrection.

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5. Withdrawing from the gathering of true believers

The drift can be slow or rapid when you decide to separate yourself from the people who care about your spiritual life and are sensitive about your growth. The truth is you need to be around people that are Christ-like to strengthen your faith. When withdrawing becomes the only option, know that it’s an indication you are about to drift from God. Satan is always around watching, and he’s set to steal from you.

drifting from God

To pull back in, talking to God in prayers is one big solution. You cannot always figure things out by yourself; that is why there is usually a counseling department in every church community. A place where you can share confidential information about what you are going through while receiving advice on ways forward.


Noticing any of the signs listed above does not make you any less good. Instead, it is to help reflect, repent, and release ourselves to God. which of these signs speaks to you? Let us know in the comment section.

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