5 Reasons Why the Next Move of God is Likely to be in Africa

Powerful Secrets Why the Next Move of God is Has Likely Shifted to Africa.


The next move of God in Africa? Why not? And, is it not already happening?

On a light note, when Jesus was a baby, Herod sought to kill him. As a result, God led Jesus’ parents to take him away to Egypt for safety. And, Egypt is in the African continent, isn’t it?

In addition, certain Bible scholars studied the world map and found out that the shape of Africa on the map looks like the trigger of a gun. Do you make any sense of this? They opined that God has made Africa the trigger. In other words, the ‘action’ for this end time will be from Africa.

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Is this some sort of ‘give-back’?

White missionary touching black lives
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In the 19th and 20th century, the continents of Europe and America took the center stage in the move of God. The impact of this was strongly felt in Africa, and Africans will remain grateful for this. For example, many of the precious men and women God used in the 19th and 20th century came to many African countries. They worked as missionaries. They brought the gospel through the establishment of schools, hospitals, churches and other community development projects. Apart from these, a major work they carried out was the raising of men and women for God. There is no doubt that some of these people serve as the torch bearers for succeeding generations.

Anyway, I will give you five reasons why the next move of God is likely to be in Africa. And, isn’t this next move of God happening already?

The Reasons

So, here are the reasons why the next move of God is likely to be in Africa.

1. Several problems are combating the African continent. Problems such as hunger, poverty, starvation, wars, terrorism, et cetera are rocking the continent. As a result, many African countries are hungry for a solution.

Picture of destitute African children
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This is making them ‘pursue’ God for a supernatural solution. In contrast, some white people are living comfortably. And, when you are comfortable, you are likely to forget God if care is not taken.

Praying for protection against kidnapping and banditry is totally alien to some people. Why? There’s nothing like that in their system. In many African nations, you have to either trust God for healing when you are sick or resort to fate to die. Many people living in developed countries have never experienced what it looks like to be without electricity for one month. Yet this is the norm in many black nations. So, what does this imply? Africa’s numerous problems have driven many of her people to run after God. You tend to be comfortable and not really consider praying if you have the best facilities around you, isn’t it?

2. Many African cultures and traditions practise deep idolatry and demonic practices.

picture of an African witch doctor
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It is rare to not find an African without these traces in their lineage or family tree. These demonic practices range from occult to witchcraft and wizard operations. Suffice to say, these satanic practices are very stubborn and cruel. So, anyone who was once involved and received salvation through Jesus will take his or her new found faith very seriously. Such African converts are usually rugged in their faith.

That brings to mind the biblical example of Elymas the sorcerer. This man alone held the entire city in bondage. Everyone worshipped him as ‘the great one.’

Such is the case in many African cultures. So, breaking forth from these demonic works is not always a child’s play. It’s got to be by violence in much prayers and fasting. How then would people like that not be fervent and draw down the power of God?

3. At the moment, Pentecostal churches in Africa especially in Nigeria record the largest attendance.

biggest church auditorium in the world

Signs and wonders is one hot selling point for Pentecostal churches. Of course, this is not unconnected with the myriads of signs and wonders that take place in the services. Some churches record more than one hundred thousand (100,000) worshippers in a single service.

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4. Many developed countries where the move of God used to be very prevalent have removed the landmark.

The moment some renown advanced countries began legalizing sinful practices, the glory began to wane. The legalization of anti-biblical practices such as homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion, to mention a few, quenched the fire of God’s move. Some of the US public schools no longer allow the use of the holy Bible. In addition, even classrooms cannot use the bible. No school staff can dare to lead prayers. One judge who pasted the Ten Commandments in his courtroom was kicked out of office.

What an irony!

So, there’s an irony here: What certain developed countries banned in their place is the same thing others are dying for. Africa is hungry for God at the moment and is embracing God.

This is not to say African nations are flawless, no! It is just to highlight the fact that sin causes God’s glory upon an individual or nation to fade away.

5. New converts to Christianity in Africa take the word of God radically.

In other words, they take the Bible as it is. As a result, they demonstrate the power of God.

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