5 Places Africans Can Look To For Support In NYC


Saying that immigrating to a new country is tough is an understatement. Leaving your home country means having to take an unthinkable risk just so that you and your family can have access to better opportunities. And along with the new possibilities that come with embarking upon this journey also comes challenges, and it can certainly be overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve riled up 5 places that you can look to for support upon arriving in the U.S. Whether it be a legal attorney to help you go through citizenship paperwork, or simply a sanctuary where refugees and asylum seekers are welcome at, these resources are a reminder of the struggle for immigrant rights that many of us New Yorkers will continue to fight for and protect.



RIF NYC is a welcome center and sanctuary for refugees and asylum seekers in New York. They provide various services ranging from legal consultations, job training workshops, information on food, housing, health and social services that you may be eligible to receive, and more. You can contact them at info@rifnyc.org or at 917-517-6781.

2. New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC


If you are an immigrant looking for a sanctuary that will provide services to protect you and your family from deportation, look no further than the New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC (‘the Coalition’). According to their website, the New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC “operates at the congregational, grass-roots level, and focuses its efforts on reform of current detention and deportation practices, both nationally and in the NYC area.” They successfully prevented the 2010 deportation of Haitian immigrant Jean Motrevil, and they are well-known for their persistent efforts to reform immigration laws in the U.S.

3. Catholic Charities NY


Catholic Charities NY is a faith-based organization that prepares immigrants to pass citizenship exams, obtain work authorizations and permits, learn English and civics, and more. You can contact them by texting CCNYIMMIGRATION to 80123 for alerts, or you can call their hotline at 1-800-566-7636.

4. African Services Committee


The African Services Committee was founded in the Bronx in 1981 by Ethiopian Refugees. They cater mostly to immigrant families who have escaped war, persecution, or other human rights atrocities. They provide mental and physical health services, legal services, housing placements, English classes, and other services catering to the needs of the immigrant community. You can contact them at 212-222-3882.

5. New York Immigration Coalition


The New York Immigration Coalition focuses on English proficiency within immigrant families, access to health coverage and insurance, and education rights for immigrant youth, among other services. You can reach them at their hotline at 1-800-566-7636.


And of course, USAIG is always a resource for support and job opportunities for the African immigrant community. You can contact us through any of our five social media pages, or by email if you are looking to obtain help with your CV and finding a job.



USAIG is a media organization that focuses on African immigrants in the United States. We offer community content and promote African identity. We support personal and professional development of Africans and immigrant community in the US. We consult on cultural based training focusing on inter-generational relationships between African youths, parents and community, and we facilitate diversity and inclusion training workshops.
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