3 Easy Ways To Use Social Media for Church Evangelism


Perhaps your church is about to organize an event or crusade, and you wonder what better means to spread awareness. You may want to read to the end to get the gists of the easy ways to use social media for your church evangelism. If there is a convenient way to communicate, listen and relate with friends and neighbors, then it has to be through social media. As a community and an individual, it is essential to understand the potentials of social media. It’s 2021, and social media is a great way to reach a wide range of audiences across the globe. In light of this, it is great that many churches are already leveraging this medium alongside brands and media houses. 

We are made in God’s image and likeness, we ought to communicate and spread this information to those who lack the awareness and remind those who might have forgotten. However, digital tools are a gift for communicating alongside other traditional church methods. 

Here are the three easy ways to use social media for your church evangelism.

To Preach and Reach Places Other Forms of Communication Can Not

Social media enables the message of Jesus to reach various parts of the globe where even missionaries cannot access. Mark 16:15 reads, go into the world and preach the gospel; it is not limited to physical door-to-door evangelism but involves every other means that allow us to spread the gospel. Social media is one of them because it’s an opportunity to share, create conversations and find people with common grounds.

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For instance, a church just starting might need to embrace the local social media activities to reach thousands of people. Engagements with local groups on Facebook can be effective because you get cheap and effective publicity. People sharing their stories of faith with videos and images will inspire others to join such a community. This way, you can find more audience than you usually do on a Sunday service because most people are online now.

Likewise, consistency is essential here because posting on social media can be draining as you might not get public reactions. Still, it does not matter because somehow, you are impacting someone’s life.

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As a Destination For Learning and Spiritual Growth

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Short videos of mini-lectures on topics Christians will resonate with are a steady way of preaching online. Our generation has the most extensive access to tons of free resources, bibles, commentaries, discipleship materials, etc. This is why the church should use Social media as a tool to help people discover what they want and proffer possible recommendations. Social media is positioned to quickly connect people with relevant, exciting, and intriguing content. It would be best to draw people in with loving-kindness using social media, as seen in Jeremiah 31:3

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To Demonstrate Christianity

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As christ Ambassadors, social media should not be left out in portraying our Christian identity. Really, why should we hide it? The way we treat others, the language, and the tone of voice can point people to Christ. To behave Christianly on socials is to handle conversations or threads peacefully, even if it means turning the other cheeks when insulted. Your ability to calmly explain the elements of Christianity even with online toxicity sets you apart. Your online audience will want to emulate this in one way or another. It can be as simple as offering to pray for someone who posted they are struggling with certain addictions or standing up for the powerless or unheard.

Social media is a place to spotlight the church community and the activities it is involved in. Imagine the significant impact you would have by sharing posts and updates about Christian-related events, faith testimonies, etc.

Bottom Line

Of what good is it if your church is running an event or crusade and no one hears about it. Leverage social media amidst all other plethoras of media options you may have, because it’s a powerful way of inviting and leading people to Christ today.

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