3 Best Shaving Cream That Eases Skin Irritation Perfect For Black Men


If you want to avoid skin irritation, pain, and all the trouble shaving can cause, then you need to get the right shaving cream for black men. These creams are designed for men of color to combat any problem resulting from shaving and make the process more enjoyable. However, choosing the right shaving cream for black men can be daunting. There are too many options out there, and you cannot afford to waste money testing every product. But there is no need to worry. If the cream you are using now is not working as expected, try these

  •  Jack Black Supreme Cream
  •  SoftSheen-Carson Razorless Cream
  •  Kohana Shaving Cream for Men with Sensitive Skin

Why You Should Find The Right Shaving Cream for Black Men

Black American men face enormous challenges when it comes to shaving. You might feel a little bit of pain and discomfort, or irritation during or after shaving. You will notice that most black men have thicker facial hair, which makes them prone to having more ingrown hair than other races. And this predisposes people of color to problems like skin irritation and even infection. The solution? A good cream for shaving.

Finding the right cream is very important. It will help prevent these problems and make shaving your facial hair a breeze. Without much ado, here are four best shaving creams that have received tons of positive comments.

1. Jack Black Supreme Cream

The Jack Black shaving cream is one of the best out there. And no matter how often you shave, this cream will last you for many months. Of course, the cream is a bit thick but cushiony. You may need water to break it down a bit, depending on how you like it on your skin.

Unlike others, the Jack Black smells nicely. And it also makes shaving easy, too. Massage it on your face and watch how it would coat all your hairs, and make them more visible for easy shaving. In fact, this helps to prevent any form of irritation or even ingrown hairs.

Here are the pros and cons our editors discovered


  • Easy to apply
  • Helps to soften whiskers fast
  • Has great smell
  • Provides a nice shaving surface


  • The cream is too thick
  • Does not have mint oil

Final Verdict: For the price, this cream is a steal. It leaves a smooth surface which every man would love. The only reason you should not go for this cream is the lack of mint oil. And regarding thickness, mixing it with water is a perfect solution.

 2. SoftSheen-Carson Razorless Cream

It is not laziness. Most people don’t like the ingrown hairs and razor bumps they see after shaving. And if you are one of them, the SoftSheen-Carson Razorless Cream will suit you. This cream was designed to remove hair on one’s head and works like a charm. It has a pleasant smell, unlike the strong chemical smell you get from other creams.

The SoftSheen-Carson cream has moisturizing oil which makes hair removal a breeze. But have in mind that the cream works best on individuals with shorter hair. And you will also need to use a bit more of the cream to get the desired result. And remember to wait for at least 20 minutes before using a pseudo shaver to remove the hair on your head.

Here are the pros and cons our editors discovered


  • Affordable
  • Great smell
  • Contains moisturizing oil
  • Gets rid of every single hair


  • Cannot combine with other creams
  • Takes more than the recommended 4 minutes to be active
  • Not suitable for inflamed skin. You need to consult your dermatologist first.

Final Verdict: Looking at the price of the cream, and the fact that it can help you avoid going to the barber’s shop, it is worth splashing the cash on. But remember it works best on shorter hair.  Also, you need to use more of it to get the desired result. Strictly follow product instructions when applying the cream too.

 3. Kohana Shaving Cream for Men with Sensitive Skin

The list of natural organic ingredients in this product makes it a must-have. No wonder it works like a charm. The Kohana contains natural ingredients that calm, revitalizes and softens the skin. And another talking point of this cream is that it doesn’t dry out like most creams at this price point. It also contains a considerable amount of shea butter and antioxidants which helps to prevent irritation no matter how sensitive the skin is.

Again, the creamy and thick lather this cream leaves on the skin is a plus. It will remain there until you finish shaving, helps to moisturize your face and give you a neater shave. But have in mind that the thickness of the lather causes this cream to clog razors during shaving, forcing users to wash their blades several times during the process.

Here are the pros and cons our editors discovered


  • Great lather
  • The cream contains natural ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond oil, organic sunflower, green tea, white tea, vegetable oil and more.
  • No rash or cut when used.
  • A little portion of the cream can go a long way


  • Cream thickness causes blade clogging
  • Regular washing due to clogging is tiring

Final Verdict: The Kohana is the type of cream we can boldly recommend to anyone. Apart of the fact that it contains natural ingredients, it doesn’t dry up quickly like other creams. The price point is also something most people would worry about. But giving the numerous benefits and the clean shave the cream promotes, you won’t have any regret splashing the cash on it.

Wrapping it all up

These creams are great for African American men. If you are looking to get that clean shave that will transform your look, these are the creams to try out. It is also advisable to check out the ingredients of any cream before using it. Be sure your skin won’t react to any of the constituents and strictly follow instruction when making use of it. We have highlighted features of the three best shaving products on the market. Now is left for you to make your choice.

And please, feel free to share your experience using the comment section below or send a direct mail. We like to hear from our awesome readers.

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