20 Africa fun facts that you should know


Africa is one of the continents which hold unique features that cannot be ignored.  Some call it the continent of natural wonders while others call it the Dark Continent. However, the continent has a lot that the rest of the world is yet to discover. This means the continent has many fun facts which are unknown to many.  And below are 20 Africa fun facts.

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  1. Africa is the second largest and second populated continent in the world
  2. The shortest war globally was fought in Africa between the Zanzibar Sultanate and the United Kingdom which only lasted between 35 to 45 minutes
  3. Africa has the highest number of fish species ( over 500) found in Lake Malawi
  4. Two out of the five most luxurious trains in the world are found in South Africa
  5. Africa has the highest number of birth rates in the world
  6. The highest number of twin birthrate in the world are found in Benin, Central Africa
  7. The largest frog ever seen on earth comes from Africa in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon
  8. The longest river in the world (R. Nile) is in Africa measuring 6,695 kilometers
  9. Africa has the world most considerable uncultivated arable land covering 60% of the continent
  10. The world’s hottest country is Libya
  11. Africa is the 5th poorest continents in the world
  12. The country with a high number of crime rates in the world is Somalia
  13. The third largest freshwater lake (Lake Victoria) is in Africa
  14. Majority of the world’s best athletes come from Kalenjin tribe in Kenya
  15. The largest snail on earth is found in Ghana
  16. Africa is the second linguistically diverse continent with over 2000 languages
  17.  Africa has the largest desert globally covering 11 countries. The dessert dates back 3 million years ago and has distinct land features which are depicted on movies
  18. Sudan has the highest number of pyramids in the world with over 223 pyramids
  19. The worlds darkest man comes from Africa
  20. Africa has the highest number of cryptic creatures


Africa is a land of wonder that you can never tire from exploring. The continent attracts people from all walks of life to come and see its nature and unique features which cannot be found anywhere else.

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Is there other Africa fun facts that you feel were left out? Feel free to share your contributions. Can’t wait to read them, see you on the comment section.

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