Upstate New York Begins Legal Sports Betting


Sports betting is a multibillion-dollar industry and aside the potential employment opportunity that resides in the industry, sports betting has a way of making sport enthusiast gain financial rewards and monetary value from sports.

Let’s face it; only the players, club owners, and investors earn from sports, but with Sports betting, everyone has a fair chance of winning by merely watching and predicting some matches.

Yes, one may argue that Sports betting is gambling and that gambling is addictive.

But just like every craving, gambling can be controlled — it only becomes an issue when the individual involved is unable to control his cravings.

On Tuesday, New York joined other states to become a destination for sports betting.

For over a year, the U.S Supreme Court has lifted the ban on sports betting outside Nevada. And folks in the Gambling industry are eager to catch up with places like New Jersey.

In New Jersey, folks have placed sports bets worth over $3 billion within the first year gambling became legalized.

The staggering amount has made several other people from other states to clamor for the same fate.

No one wants to get left behind — and with a little bit of creativity and savviness, New York may catch up right on time.

Furthermore, lawmakers are aiming towards the authorization of sports bets wager on mobile devices.

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