Thursday News Highlights


Thursday News Highlights

Ghana Accepts Approximately $ 700,000 in Aids from Australia

Ghana, along with some other African countries are accepting aids from the Australian government. Funding was reported to target quality of life issues faced by the local citizens. Issues faced by women appear foremost. Ghana’s national debt is currently around $ 34 million, and it’s on the list of the most disciplined countries in West Africa. It’s currently in partnership with the Chinese; aggressively investing in infrastructure that worth $2 billion.

The New Scramble

Since African nations can’t come together under a unified  African language, both the Chinese and French government are very interested.  The Chinese and French Government now seriously compete for cultural dominance of Africa. Report shows that almost half of the people who speak French in the world today live in Africa, and they are young. Africa’s birth rates trump many other continents’ in the world, and any winner in this modern empire seeking game is set to take all. 

France is reportedly pumping funds in to drive its language spread creating  pathways for such initiatives in Senegal. Chinese government and its institutions too  are taking similar paths in Uganda- sending over their Chinese nationals in numbers to instruct Mandarin.

Interestingly, Africans still keep the main languages of their former colonialists as mostly their officially recognized languages while identifying with over 1500 dialects from different regions. Africa appears to be getting bigger than ever, but weaker as ever. 

Libya: A Land of Political Impasse -W/TH Gaddafi?

Fight continues in a lawless state of Libya as his general, Gen Hafter aims at using military power to maintain control on the nation’s capital. Hafter was, at a time,  a loyalist of Gaddafi, and was reported  to have exiled here on US soil following his fall out with him. Killing, looting, displacement, and anarchy rules in Libya since Gaddafi’s fall.  

Travel Warnings to Americans –

The US Department of State warns Americans to “reconsider travel” to the following African countries with some of them on ‘don’t even think about it’ level:

Nigeria, Chad, Central R. Africa, Burundi, Sudan and South Sudan, Niger, Mali, Somalia, and D.R.Congo.

A  “normal precautions” advice is on the following: Ghana, Togo, Namibia, Zambia, Rwanda, Mozambique, Mauritania, Malawi, and Angola.

Follow this link to see the state department’s updated  list:

New Zealand Government dodged  Bigotry and Went after Bullets!!

The New Zealand government dodged the complexity of addressing the issue of race, bigotry and intolerance. It simply went for the low hanging fruit, and ignored the high one.

It’s members of parliament voted almost unanimously to change the country’s gun laws. Wait..excuse me? Did you guys read the gunman’s manifesto? What aided him had almost nothing to do with guns laws! Brenton Tarrant’ manifesto calls on bigots to use any means necessary to kill immigrants and Muslims.  New Zealand Parliament, thanks for “doing something”, but the world read a copy of that manifesto in case you didn’t, and this band-aid approach won’t heal wounds. 

Guilty as Charged!

Felicity Huffman, one of the star actresses in Desperate Housewives, is desperately risking jail. She’s pleading guilty  to the college admission scam which many American parents have thought unbelievable. 

I want to apologize to the students who work hard every day to get into college, and to their parents who make tremendous sacrifices to support their children and do so honestly.”

It’s been reported that she faces up to 10 months in jail. If so, she’ll be an elite formerly incarcerated individual who won’t need a job after exit. Watch out, you might soon be asked to buy her book on ‘penitence and parenting’!!

52 people had been charged by the US Attorneys’ office on the case, and 13 were reported as planning to plead guilty.

Will He Speak in Tongues at Some Point? !!!

There is a rising democratic presidential contender in town. The man is young and sleek. He’s gay, and he knows bible. His name is Pete Buttigieg, the  sitting Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Watch him in his public punch at Mike Pence: here

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