The New York Landlords Challenge Order

Now They are Beyond Pissed


The guild of landlords and apartment owners have for long been pissed about the idea of government regulating them to curb greed and protect residents, but now they are beyond pissed. They reportedly filed a lawsuit this week to challenge rent stabilized protection offered to renters citing that rent stabilization program that curbs them from raising their rent charge violates their constitutional  rights.

There is a protection in place for New York City apartment renters. This protection doesn’t only control the whim of landlords from raising their rents, but it also supports any municipality within the state of New York to chose to be a rent stabilized locality or not. The landlord and property owners of New York are big, rich, influential, and they know it. When they form a coalition, they become a formidable interest that only a strong government  can police. Is this politics?

To find out more information about rent control, rent stabilization in New York City, and your right as a tenant,  simply click the link here

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