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Relieve for black women who are behind bars as Mamas Group plans to bail them out

Mamas Group has come to bail out thousands of black mothers so that they can celebrate Mother’s day with their families. Majority of mothers are in jail not because they engaged in violent activities but because they cannot afford bail. It is a fact that has prompted the group to start a fund drive that is aimed at collecting money across thirty cities that will be used to bail them out. Though the group might not be able to bail all of them before the celebration of Mother’s, it is an initiative that is likely to go on even after the day.

The lady who invented Mother’s day later came to detest it

Jarvis is the woman behind mother’s day. She did so to celebrate not only her mother but all moms in the world. She invented the day with the aim of appreciating all mothers for the struggles they go through. And in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill for people to honor Mother’s day as a national holiday.

But as time went on, businesses used this day to exploit customers and it is known as one of the holidays where florist make good money. To Jarvis, this was a high level of extortion and didn’t see the reason why people should spend much on overpriced chocolate, sappy cards, and extravagant flowers.

She protested against florists who marketed their extravagant flower arrangements. Her campaigns didn’t stop there; she went ahead to question why the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt was using the day to advertise for her health and welfare of both women and children.

Having fought for the day to be legalized, Jarvis could not stand any kind of extortion on this day.

Police caught on camera using the N-word on young black males

On Thursday, a video using the N-word to refer to young black males who were at Silver Spring, Maryland went viral. In the video the officer questions the young black males why they trespassed the McDonald’s space. In the clip, the young black guys can be heard referring to each other using the N-word. The same word does not come with pleasant reactions when it comes from a white person. The clip doesn’t end well after the black males and the police officer decided to hail insults at one another. The police department has hence addressed the matter after a public outcry and promised that investigations were underway.

Pentagon fights for longer-term support on US-Mexico border

Acting Defense secretary Patrick Shanaan visited the US-Mexico border for his second time. During his visit, he ascertained that the Pentagon was committed to ensuring safety along the border of the two countries. After President Trump failed to secure funding from the Congress, the acting US Defense approved $1.5 billion transfer to be used in the construction of barriers that would help in securing the border between the two countries.

South African elections: ANC emerge with the victory

South Africa held its national elections this week, and though the African National Congress party has retained power, the election has shown that the party is getting weaker. This is after the party won the majority of the seats by a small margin. Experts argue that it will not be possible for President Cyril Ramaphosa to carry out any major reforms with such a performance in the election.

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