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US prepares for 2020 Census push amidst fears of the possibility of an undercount

The Trump administration is keen to look at the number of immigrants in the upcoming 2020 census. But according to experts, there could be an undercount. Experts say that it will not be an easy task as the majority of immigrants are not willing to take part in the exercise, for fear of deportation. The most affected state is California where nearly a quarter of the population there comprises of immigrants.

Black student robbed of salutatorian by the school for fear of white flight

Olcea James, a graduate at Cleveland School District, has sued officials of the school for robbing her of her fair chance to receive diplomas in Mississippi. She was among the students with first class and according to the provisions of the school; she was bound to join the new school at Mississippi for her diploma

For fear of white flight, the officials altered her results in favor of a white student so that she could not get the chance to do her diploma. Her lawyer argues that even after a ruling was made to abolish the idea of black and white school, segregation is still an issue to deal with. The case comes after a similar situation in 2016 where a black student was forced to share the same grade with a white student despite the fact that the black student had a higher GPA than the white student. All these have been done by the school to keep white students in the school allegedly and to encourage others to join.

Embattled Baltimore mayor resigns

After calls for her resignation, Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh’s has finally resigned. This is after claims that she had received kickbacks from different businesses in the city hall. After her resignation, she went ahead to sell her children published books in an aim to cover up the source of the money she got. A week before her resignation, FBI and IRS agents had raided both her workplace and residence in a bid to collect evidence on the misuse of office. The resignation provides a chance for her probing and determination on whether she can be sued for misuse of office. Now that her resignation is official, the acting Mayor Bernard Young assumes duty as the permanent mayor without any need of swearing in.

Black Lives Matter celebration to include Black Panther icon, Emory Douglas

This is the 5th celebration of the Black Lives Matter movement and is expected to be more iconic compared to the others in the past. The anniversary will include an icon from the Black Panther movement, Emory Douglas. The organization that was founded in 2013 at the time when there was a lot of violence against black people aims to fight the violence that is against the black people to date. There are limited prints By Emory Douglas with the label “We Shall Survive without a Doubt” that are already in the market in preparation for the big day. The organization’s agenda in this year’s celebration is to give hope to the black that they will surely overcome the violence without a doubt.

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