Opinion: The NFL’s New Policy Is An Unpatriotic Mistake


As if this country couldn’t become more totalitarian, the NFL has now banned players from kneeling during the National Anthem. In a statement released earlier today, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell called the act ‘unpatriotic’, and stated that all team members must now ‘show respect for the flag and the Anthem’. If players do choose to kneel, they will now be fined.

Unsurprisingly, the new policy has ignited many strong reactions, the bulk of which have criticized the NFL for alienating team members protesting against racial inequality.


Even more unsurprising, The Trump administration has praised the new policy. “You have to stand proudly for the National Anthem,” President Trump said in an interview early this morning. “And if you don’t, you probably shouldn’t be in the country”, he continued, insinuating that everyone who opposes the National Anthem should be deported.

It’s interesting how all of the conservatives we constantly see fighting for the protection of free speech and the first amendment are nowhere to be found. I guess that argument only rules in favor of protecting conservative values.

But really, it truly is fascinating how the NFL is attacking players and dismissing them as ‘unpatriotic’ when in actuality, the policy in itself is more unpatriotic and anti-American than what these players are doing. The U.S. is supposed to be a secular nation built on principles of individuality and freedom, yet we have now come to point where we are forcing people to stand for the national anthem. This move is totalitarian and oppressive at best.

The NFL is making a very grave mistake. This policy will do nothing but further alienate both the players (of which the majority are African-American) and the audiences. If the league was actually against racial inequality, they wouldn’t force players to stand for a flag and an administration that continues to perpetuate institutionalized racism and defend the murder and enslavement of African-Americans through the criminal justice system.

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