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MTA – Set to Phase out Metro Cards

The NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority is reportedly in a testing phase of its newest technology updates.


It’s been reported that by the year 2023, the NYC subway and bus passengers will no longer pay for rides using metro cards, but a transit credit card that requires no contact. The report did not specify whether a facial recognition system would equally be integrated, but we know that NYC will be the first City in the US to make this move.


Carranza is Having It!

Yesterday marked one year and one month that the NYC Public School Chancellor, Richard Carranza  took office. It’s clear that one of his primary charges by his boss, Mayor Bill De Blasio, was to promote diversity in NYC public education system, Carranza is doing it with passion and is having it.


A widely held public view indicates  that the NYC school system is the most segregated in the nation.


Carranza has held several stakeholder meetings since he took office, and at nearly all these meetings he’s been greeted with opposition. According to a report, many upper class white parents are bent to protect the status quo. They said it ain’t broke, why fix it.  

If it isn’t apparent that the NYC Public School education  system is broken, perhaps the first phase of dialogue should be to  agree on whether there is a broken system or not.


Call It Neighborhood Justice

For long the City of New York targeted poor neighborhood to sit its homeless shelters, but not anymore apparently. It was reported that NYC is targeting two locations in Park Slope to shelter some of  its homeless. As we all know, the affluent in the area will have something to say, and whatever that is won’t be favorable.


You can’t Miss Your Rent, We’ll Find You!

Is it a bad idea or a bad tech? Or is it just too early for its time? Whether it’s for the right intention or not, some landlords are beginning to install facial recognition devices in their rent controlled buildings, and tenants aren’t having it.


Some tenants of rent regulated apartments in NYC are reportedly protesting in Brooklyn.


Nordstrom is Doing the Contrary

While many stores are closing out, Nordstrom is reportedly expanding and adding more stores in NYC. If  business is all about establishing presence, both online and offline philosophy is really a draw.  Look out for its two mini stores in Manhattan’s West and East side.


Lyft Lost the Minimum Wage Battle

Lyft, a tech ride-sharing company that challenged the $17.22  minimum wage set for NYC drivers lost its petition this week. Lyft had petition the ruling on the ground that it constitutes an unfair advantage for Uber. The Supreme Court reportedly threw out the appeal.


No More Booze for Ads!

In his efforts to maintain the health and safety of New Yorker, Mayor De Blasio has ordered an executive order preventing the advertisement of alcohol on all NYC property. The executive order was signed last week and it called for an immediate effect.

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