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The End of Collect Calls?

The City of New York  is now reportedly allowing inmates in its jail system to make free calls. Each inmate in good standing can make free phone calls to anywhere around the nation for up to 21 minutes within 3 hours intervals.


Critics worry, and warned of potential unintended consequences that this free offer could carry including strengthening the webs of gang memberships and activities.


Counting down the Days for Pedestrian Countdown

The law that aims at furthering the protection of pedestrians at traffic light intersections has gone into effect since March 14th of this year putting pressure on the  NYC Department of Transportation to install countdown devices at every red light intersection in NYC.


Uber Now Says ‘No’ to NYC Drivers

The giant of tech ride sharing companies, Uber and its partner in grime, Lyft , are reportedly putting a halt to hiring NYC drivers.

According to the news, this is their response to the  new $17 minimum wage regulation instituted by the City to protect hardworking drivers, and the additional cap on the number of taxi cabs allowed for these ride app companies.


JFK Airport is Up for the Challenge

Gone are the days when everybody talks down at NYC airports. Now, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey seems to be responding to challenges in style.


Both the JFK Airport and LaGuardia are undergoing  phases of redevelopment. A classic hotel with a rooftop pool that allows airplanes take off viewpoint is one of the newest planned attractions. Community leaders from the Borough of Queens are taking all measures to ensure that the economic benefits of these airport growth trickle down as it should.


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