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Macy’s is ‘Growing’ Up

According to Bloomberg’s report, Macy’s Herald Square is negotiating adding a skyscraper to its iconic 34th street store.

Report doesn’t confirm whether or not anything is on paper yet, but you know, how things get down with the big guys.

A Ring of Child Predators Busted and a NYC High School Teacher was One

The News reported 16 men who live across Tri-State had been arrested. Some were reported to have gone inside their victims homes when parents weren’t around. Parents are warned to keep an eye on minors’ online activities, and look out for strangers becoming friends.


The Measles are Still Here

The cases of weird  measles outbreak in New York City are still here. According to reports, numbers of people who have contracted the illness have grown to “390” including two pregnant women. Majority of these cases are still at the area where measles was initially found- Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

Mandatory vaccination is still in effect and about 38 people had been reportedly issued summons, President Trump is reportedly joining to echo NYC leaders as they call for vaccination.


NYC Sanctuary Identity Needs Prove

According to the report, immigrants seeking asylum in NYC aren’t in for roses after all. New York City is reportedly denying  asylum application like never before. The rate of denial was on “16.3” percent four years ago, and now, it’s almost double.


Occasio is  Fiery for Undocumented Immigrants

The new Congresswoman in town, or let’s say the new spike on Trump’s behind, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez said she really doesn’t give a finger if people are undocumented. She then went after many right-winged policies on immigration that stand to violate human rights. Hopefully, her statement doesn’t get twisted. Human Rights first before border rights.


The Pilots of Boeing 737 Aircraft may have Lacked Adequate Training

The Allied Pilots Association, a representation of pilots group at American Airlines hinted that there may not have been adequate training on Boeing 737 MAX  aircraft.

The federal Aviation Administration reportedly , however, understands that the confidence and the buy-in of pilots in flying the aircraft is critical to the industry’ s bottomline. The 157 people that were killed following the  recent crash in Ethiopia were on a 737 MAX.

A Mom was Upset and Bloodied her Two Kids with Razor Blade

A 6 years old and 2 years old kids were reported cut with a razor blade by their mom who eventually went to the police precinct drenched in her kids’ blood. The news reported that she’s currently going through hardship, and homelessness is one of them. A psychiatric need was also hinted.

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