NYC Local Updates – 04/18


Ten Million for More Rules.

It was announced yesterday that the NYC Department of Education will be issuing out a funding of about 10 million dollars to Success Academy Charter Schools. 

Founded by Eva Moskowitz, the school has gone through rough times particularly when facing the backlash of its draconian rule for students, parents and teachers. Maskowitz college sophomore son also reportedly taught Economics in Success Academy’s high school classrooms, a subject that requires at least college degree to instruct.

Success Academy believes that its strict rule model yields good performance for students.

A Man’s Face was Slashed by Three Attackers at Parkchester, Bronx.

Three hoodlums are reportedly still on the run after cutting the face of a man near the intersection of East Tremont and White Plains Road in the Bronx. Victim was rushed to hospital for care.

Two Brooklyners Did  a Pepper Spray Duet and Robbed Victim.

Two people from Brooklyn were arrested this week after days of their pepper-spray operation. 

Mineau and Mitchel were arrested following a report of their crimes by the victim. Mineau is 28 and Mitchell, 25.

Call Him Erratically Dangerous.

Last Friday a man in Brooklyn reportedly cut wife, slashed daughter, slashed himself, and then lit up the house on fire. Ironically, the neighbors have only good things to  say about him. All three are expected to survive their injuries.

Want to go Cashless? Slow Down!

A restaurant in NYC called Dos Taqueria goes cashless making it impossible for customers who only have cash to buy food.

Don’t have a bank card or can’t figure out how to do this Android/iPhone pay scanning thingy? Dos Taqueria is implicitly giving you two options: stay hungry or go next door.

Tender your visa cards; scan your phones to pay for food, and you are all set to eat there.  One customer, Figueroa, felt discriminated, and he isn’t having it. He plans on suing.

The Numbers are Out, and they don’t Lie!

Numbers do add up, and they are hard to misinterpret. This is a key fact that makes this new report of The New American Economy on immigrants the more fascinating. 

The researchers of the  New American Economy detail what exactly is the contribution of immigrants to the United States economy in 2017.

They found that while immigrant taxpayers made about “1.5 trillion” in 2017, they paid about “405” billion in tax. The Dreamers made a little over  “$23.4 billion” and returned about $4 billion in taxes. 

And surprisingly,  the undocumented immigrants; the people branded by the Trump administration as criminals, reportedly have a huge amount of buying power in the US economy which is in the range of “$200 billion”. 

Undocumented immigrants  aren’t even qualified to get tax returns, yet they paid roughly $30 billion to both federal, state and local IRS pockets in 2017.

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