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Table for Two, and the New Half


Some restaurants are  reportedly not only carrying dog menu, but also sitting the canines right inside the restaurants.  Will they go as far as sitting the dogs next to their pet owners while serving them?


It isn’t new that many restaurants are offering dog menu. Shake Shack and Starbucks are some examples. In many cases,  dog owners or restaurants staffers would sit the dogs separately by the outdoor area.


Now, however, restaurants like Wilson are  sitting the dogs inside the restaurants and serving meals ranging between 14.00 to 48 bucks to the canines.  Wilson is ranked on number 8,817 out of over 12,000 restaurants in the City.


To be clear, many of these dogs are much more famous than humans. Many have their own Instagram accounts; and well managed, by the way. They have their several images and videos, and of course, lots of followers.


If you are fortunate to get a server’s job at these types of restaurants, please don’t be rude to the canines. No attitude, and no discrimination! They are like their owners’ babies.


More Undocumented Immigrants Might be Migrating from the Federal Government into NYC Soil Soon.


The Trump Administration is perhaps overwhelmed and tired with the handling of immigration. Not only has its head of Homeland Security, Kristjen Nielson quit abruptly last week, but the public has seen more of President Trump incessant tweets on the issue in these past few days.  


One of his recent comments was reportedly planning to order the release of immigrants that its ICE department has kept so far into the Cities that have expressed their support for immigrants. The City of New York is one of these Cities.


If Trump follows through with this plan, it would appear as double punishments by the federal government.


First was the penalty of funds taken away, and second would be directing the influx of immigrants into their cities while shielding other cities in the US from carrying their fair share of the load.


A Breastfeeding Mom Attended to Both, and yet Ticketed.


A mom was reportedly issued a ticket in Manhattan this past Thursday by the traffic enforcement police for pulling over  to breastfeed her newborn. Guillermina Rodriguez explained that her 3 weeks old baby was crying and needed to be fed. She didn’t walk away from the car.


She was reportedly inside the car and was breastfeeding at the moment the police showed up. Her excuse felt into the officer’s deaf ear who perhaps had a ticket quota to meet for the day.


Breastfeeding a child isn’t an excuse to violate traffic laws or parking rules, but  it wasn’t as if Rodriguez was driving with one hand and breastfeeding with the other.  Even if she was parked illegally, police officers are generally charged to execute the law using their discretion-it’s Criminal Justice 101.


Rodriguez is reportedly “fighting the ticket”, and hopefully the outcry of the press and the public would give her a win.


Bronx Senior Leader, Serrano, Said He’s Done!


Congressman Jose Serrano is 75 years old, and had announced last month not to seek re-election in 2020 after 29 years. Serrano is reportedly suffering from Parkinson disease.


Serrano represents the 15th Congressional District, South Bronx, NYC. Currently, he’s the “longest-serving” Latino in the US House of Representative.  Serrano’s son is a member of New York State Senate, 29th District.


Then Comes Ruben Diaz!


This New York City Councilman Ruben Diaz, 18th District (Bronx) is reportedly in for a run. He’s set to contest for the  seat about to be vacated by Congressman Serrano.


Diaz served as a New York State Senator for 14 years before making a run for the New York City Council position in 2017.


Like Serrano, Diaz is equally 75 years old, and also, like Serrano, Diaz has a son in politics, the Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr., who has been in the office since 2009, and was first elected to the New York State Assembly at the age of 24. Councilman Ruben Diaz is  ardently against both abortion and same-sex marriage.



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