5 Jobs That won’t go Away and 5 that are Disappearing Fast.


Preparing the Wise Immigrants Ahead for Automation

If you are already thinking about what to do when the robots come in numbers, then blessed are thou for you are getting the gist. If you are not, and you know that there are chances you or someone you love is still around into the year 2030s, start seeing things for what they are now. Start thinking about the future.

Better still, don’t be one of those people that are often lost in the “thinking”. Let your thinking drive you into action as you prepare for the full age of Artificial Intelligence. In the age of robots, many jobs will be lost.  Several skill-set will merge into one, and some will disappear into history like dinosaurs in Ice Age.

Capitalism: Market and Its Invisible Hands

Let’s dive deep a bit. Unfortunately, we get warning sounds for only a few life  impacting events. These events are usually natural disasters that can swallow up a city such as a Tornado, Tsunami, or Earthquake, etc. Our  warnings and preparations against the disasters created by humans are often late and ineffective. And if you are already guessing who is likely to be most impacted, then you are a philosopher!

The poor and the weak in general do get the whistle last, and suffer the worst consequences.  This is not because some bad guys are up there somewhere masterminding such effects (well, maybe that too!). The issue is hardly personal. It’s capitalism. Market, our lord of the economy, is powerful, selfish, and brutal, and its hands are invisible, says Adam Smith.

Market is a “wealth” to those who know how to predict it and thus manipulate it, but a “wretch” to the poor and uninformed.

The same market is already dictating who gets to keep their jobs and their homes, and who is  heading out to shelters, or who would start learning new skills at their middle to old age. Pepsi’s CEO Ramon Laguarta, said recently  that its company is “relentlessly automating …..” Ding! Similarly, Walmart is fizzling out some managerial positions. Capitalism drives competition and innovation, and when companies do this, lives; people; who might hardly have other means of survival,  are collateral damages.

Again, it’s nothing personal. The shareholders of these companies are out for one major goal: to win or to make profits.  Don’t judge. Though they make as much money as possible this way, they do oftentimes go up there, become philanthropists, and pour their money down on issues of choice. Ding! Some have been donating their money to the poor since ages, and too bad that the poor still remains poor for they are trying their best.

The Third Ding

Have you been counting the number of dings so far? Then blessed are thou for you are getting the gist. These dings are probably some of the warning sounds you’ll get announcing the looming human disaster of many jobs facing mass eclipse.

Poverty is systemic; a wheel (circle). It’s the reason why having money isn’t a solution to poverty. It takes certain form of thinking and awareness to get off the wheel, and here comes the fake news impacting that thinking.  We are in the age of mind f*$% where artificial intelligence is dishing our plates of thoughts. Ding! That’s it. There goes the sounds. A Yoruba (a Nigerian tribe) proverb says:

“Lowe, lowe lanlulu bata. Ologbon lonjo, omoran lonmo.”

Translated in English, this proverb simply says certain words of wisdom are communicated in codes, and only the wise can dig it. Hope you are digging my dings so far, and now ready to explore those 5 areas of jobs that will stay no matter what when the robots come in swarms. Try supporting your loved ones in considering a career in the following paths:

Jobs that will stay or compete with Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Computer related Field-
  • Software Engineering
  • Network Administration
  • Computer System and Data Analysis
  • Computer Information System Management
  • Computer Information Research

2. Healthcare Field-

  • Medical practice ( doctors/doctors associates/assistants)
  • Veterinary Practice
  • All Therapists (be prepared to acquire other complementary set of skills such as in medical aides role)
  • Speech and Audio Technology
  • Medical Information specialty
  • Pharmacy and dentistry
  • Hygiene, nutrition expertise, etc
  • All Home Care and health institutions Health Aide Positions

3. All specialty in substance abuse counseling

4. Shipping/Freight etc logistics and management (note the words in bold. Robots do the lifting. You must be able to do the thinking, hence management)

5. Chef with sound restaurant managerial skills (note- same as in number 4 above).

Seriously consider before choosing the following fields or seek other complementary skills in addition:

  1. Teaching (both classroom setting and field coaching) – Complementary skills: Computer.
  2. Retail– Cashier/salesperson/store management, etc
  3. Driving- chauffeur, delivery services.
  4. Most manual labor work -like janitorial and groundskeeping, forklifting, laborer, etc.
  5. Reception specialty- If you are going to hang around this field, you should get some complementary skills. (You must be able to do the job better than a robot, and be willing to take cut pays).

These are just a few. Let’s explore more on this topic on The Gist.

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