How to Overcome Procrastination: 4 Effective Approach


Procrastination is a common struggle for most people. Do you often find yourself pushing important tasks to the next day or suddenly feel unmotivated? If so, then you may be dealing with the habit of procrastination. Procrastination refers to the tendency of delaying or putting off today’s tasks to a future date. But why do we avoid taking specific actions or making decisions, even when we understand their benefits? To overcome procrastination, it is essential to first understand why people procrastinate. What drives this harmful habit? By identifying the root cause, we can take steps to overcome it and develop a more productive and fulfilling life.

What leads to Procrastination?

There is Time

Many people are affected by the belief that they still have plenty of time to accomplish their goals. This presumption often leads to delaying or avoiding taking action in the present moment. However, time is a finite resource that cannot be regained once it has passed. Unfortunately, procrastinators fail to understand this reality and tend to put off tasks until the following day instead of addressing them today.

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Inadequate Self-Discipline

Maintaining strong self-discipline is crucial in remaining focused on your goals, even when you lack motivation. On the other hand, a lack of self-discipline often leads to feeling unmotivated to perform essential tasks. Indiscipline, non-commitment, and a lack of a clear personal vision all contribute to the tendency to postpone tasks. However, the good news is that it is possible to overcome procrastination and become more productive each day. Here are the four effective approach to defeat procrastination;

1. Make a Personal Vision Board

Vision board
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Having a personal vision board makes specific tasks a priority for you. A vision board motivates you and channels your energy to particular goals of great importance in your life.

Apart from being a tool to help you organize your priorities, a vision board culminates the much-needed discipline to execute daily towards achieving set goals.

2. Prepare a Simple To-Do List

We often overlook the importance of simplicity when creating our to-do lists. An overcrowded list can quickly drain your motivation to complete everything within a single day. Thankfully, various experts have developed methods for creating effective to-do lists, one of which is the Ivy Lee Method. This approach is both intriguing and highly useful. Here is how it works:

todo list
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  • Create a selective list of six essential tasks to achieve for the coming day.
  • Order the list according to the magnitude of their importance.
  • Work through the list according to its order.
  • Strikethrough completed tasks.
  • Repeat the process.

Mastering this method can lead to increased productivity and significant accomplishments in your life. As you prepare your to-do list, ensure that you follow up on every task. At the end of each day, review the tasks achieved and prioritize the ones you did not complete for the following day.

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3. Breakdown Tasks into Milestones

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At times, we may avoid tasks because they seem complex and overwhelming. Breaking down tasks into smaller milestones that can be accomplished in 20 to 30 minutes can be incredibly helpful. Achieving these milestones can provide a sense of fulfillment and motivation to tackle the next one. Before you know it, you will have accomplished an enormous task. It is important to celebrate and reward yourself when you reach these milestones. This positive reinforcement can help you stay motivated and committed to completing the task. To avoid procrastination, try breaking down a massive task into small and manageable milestones that can be achieved within a short period. This habit can promote productivity and help you overcome the tendency to delay or avoid taking action in the long run.

Daily Review

Consider it as having a meeting with yourself every day. This self-examination allows you to review what you accomplished during the day and evaluate the tasks achieved based on your priority list. It is important to determine if there are any hours during the day that you cannot account for. If you did waste time, then you may still be avoiding taking the necessary action. Conducting a daily appraisal enables you to establish if you are making progress with your goals. It is also an opportunity to make any adjustments to your execution strategy to enhance the realization of your dreams. By doing so, you can identify areas that require improvement and continue to make progress toward achieving your goals.

Wrap Up

Overcoming procrastination requires a higher level of commitment and self-discipline. Important goals such as losing weight, building an emergency fund, or completing a course cannot be achieved with a delayed execution plan. When we avoid making decisions or taking action today, our goals and dreams are delayed for another month, two, or even a year. It is essential to take action today and avoid procrastination. Take a proactive step to make a vision board, a clear and simple to-do list, break the tasks into milestones, and review each task daily. Which of these approaches will you be adopting to overcome procrastination?

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