How to Make an Extra $1000


What would an extra $1000 do for you?

How would you feel to discover that you’ve got all it takes to make more income and live your dream life?

Imagine making an extra $1000 every month.

That would be cool! Right?

Making an extra income has always been a challenge to most people.

However, if you’re exposed to the right people and gain the right information, you’d be able to break the jinx and begin unleashing your financial awesomeness.


Let’s face it; an extra $1000 at the end of the month would go a long way to pay your debts, increase your purchasing power, and ultimately help you to save more.

Maybe you’re the guy with a big dream that’s still depending on the government food stamp, or you love the idea of getting out of debt and begin shopping at the high-end of the grocery store — where all the fancy kinds of stuff are.

Well, it’s possible, and in this post, you’d discover all you need to do to make an extra $1000 bucks every month.

Before you get the juicy part of this article, you’d want to keep on thing in mind…

To make an extra $1000 per month, you’ve got to have a marketable skill.

If you don’t have one already or you think you need an upgrade on your already existing skill, head to talent training section and learn a skill.

The internet has made it so easy to make an additional income from the comfort of your home, and if you’ve good a stable internet connection and a laptop, you should be able to pull off a few tricks that would fetch you additional income at the end of the month.

Here are four simple ideas that could make a big difference in your life.

  • Freelancing
  • Teaching
  • Dog-sitting
  • Negotiating with your current employer

Freelancing: First off, you’ve got to look inside and see if you can market any existing skill you have.

For instance, you may be good at web design, graphic design, drawing, writing, editing, or you’ve got communication and managerial skills — these skills are in high demand, and you can start by looking for a local client who may need your services.

Also, freelance sites like and Upwork may come in handy as you launch your search for clients.

Online freelancing has come to stay, and if you can maximize your skills, you’d easily scale up and probably start up an online business from there.

Teaching: Everyone has something to teach.

Yes, there’s something you’re good at that people are willing to pay you for it.

To share and monetize your knowledge, you should head to online platforms like Udemy and other similar sites to create a course.

However, if you’re into the traditional teaching style, you can reach out to a local school in your area and offer your services.

Dog-sitting: If you love dogs, you could use apps like DogVacay and Rover to share your services.

Believe it or not, some people earn thousands of dollars dog-sitting for their clients.

Negotiating with your current employer: If you’re sure of the value you bring to an organization, and you know you’re worth more, then you should walk up to your employer and have a genuine conversation.

The job market is pretty tough, and no employer would love to lose the best talent in the company.

Therefore, by playing the right cards, you may walk out with a salary raise.

An extra income source would go a long way to support your family, pay the debts, and also help you go back to school.

In what ways do plan of earning an extra $1000?

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