How to Live in the United States as a New Immigrant


There has been a substantial rise in the number of immigrants living in the United States. This means that there are more new immigrants than ever before.

As a new immigrant coming into the United States from Africa, you’d be faced with diverse challenges — one of which is adapting into the new life as an African.

Granted, you’d be mesmerized by the infrastructural development of your new world. And your excitement and joy would come with a mix of anxiety and fear.

Yes, it’s normal to feel anxious — after all, you’ve never been to this part of the world before. So, in your enthusiasm and joy with a blend of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

1. Learn to Speak Up:

There’s nothing worse than dying in silence — if you’re experiencing discrimination of any form, from anybody, just speak up!

For the African ladies from a conservative background, you may feel like withdrawing into your shells and let others do the talking for you — that’s not bad, but your new world demands that you speak up, and let others know your opinion.

Yes, humility and respect are all good. However, you must understand that there is a fine line between humility and timidity — don’t confuse the two!

2. Maintain a Strong Network and be Connected:

No man is an island!

Well, that statement still holds today. And if you plan to advance in your life and career as a new immigrant, you must maintain a strong connection.

It means joining a local club, associating with other immigrants and making the right friends.

Furthermore, you should take up the responsibility of initiating the communication back home.

In African society, parents tend to assume lots of responsibilities. However, you can lessen their burden when you make the first move — reach out to your parents and loved ones at home by placing that call.

3. Think Home, Invest Home:

Whether you’re from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Egypt or any other African country, you must always think about home, and of course, invest in the lives of people back home.

Don’t get it twisted, there are potentials in Africa, and the little investment you’ll offer would go a long way to help the people back home to create a more meaningful life.

4. Self Development is the way to go:

Completing your studies and moving forward in your career are all substantial investment, but you can add some more spice to it by learning a new skill, starting a side hustle, or joining an online class.

Here’s the thing — the new skill or interest need not be linked to your career. It can be there just for the love of it.

For instance, you can learn graphic design, a new musical instrument, ebook creation, or cooking special dishes.

5. Teach Others:

The ultimate essence of life is to change lives and build a legacy.

To build a legacy, you’ve got to teach others what you know.

At some point in your life, you’d reach the apex of your career or business, but before you do, carry others along with you and teach them along the way.

This way, you’d change more lives and build a lasting legacy.

Are you new in the United States? What life hacks have you learned so far?

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