How to Embrace Your Singlehood without Feeling Solo


Being single comes with many perks. But you never know until you get closer to yourself. Urghh… many life lessons may prompt you to stay single. It can be career progression, past toxic relationships, severe heartbreaks, or trust issues. Many of these situations are not uncommon in the human experience. Singlehood is therapeutic. But how do you revel in the best of life experiences without needing to partner up with someone? Here is how to stay single without feeling solo.

1. Nurture and embrace genuine friendship


Friendships are special relationships that never go stale if genuine. Having them around ignites you with positive vibes. Such that you never have to worry about the complexities of dating. Connecting with people with similar values and beliefs comforts you and makes you unbothered about being single. It is better to avoid third-wheeling with friends if it reminds you of your singleness. This only intensifies how you feel. Nothing matches being friends with someone who is as single as you are.

2. Maintain self-care 


The best relationship you can have is with yourself. Self-care is subjective. For some, it means mindfulness and maintaining healthy nutrition. And to others, it can be physical fitness, meditation, or solo vacations. Whichever it is for you, you must pay attention to your mind, body, and soul; it tosses off feeling single. Dedicating time to daily self-care and other hobbies is essential. It brings you joy and quiet peace of mind. Self-love enhances the contentment and happiness you feel from within.

3. Have a personal journal


Writing is one of the best ways to offload your thoughts and express your feelings. Journaling gives you the space to be yourself with words. It’s an open book without limitations, like a sky full of endless stars. You can pen down what you are most grateful for and how you intend to achieve your goals. Your perspective on situations, your priorities. Everything that makes you focus on yourself without neglecting what matters. Likewise, you can reflect on past successes and accomplishments. It allays your fears, confirms your worries, and justifies your singlehood.

4. Create life-long plans 


Make plans, organize, and keep track of your goals. It boosts your efficiency and productivity and gives less room for distraction. Whether short or long-term creating a plan helps you visualize your goals. Breed new ideas and optimize every opportunity that checks your box. You only remember you are single when you don’t harness the potentials you have to achieve the goals you want. Life-long goals keep you going and strengthen your mind when loneliness kicks in.

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5. Plug into a community


A community is like a support system. It’s easy to spiral off and shut out on everyone. Depriving yourself of external interaction narrows your mind. Singleness comes with loneliness. It is important to have people check in on you for physical and mental health. A community is a great way to form meaningful connections away from family. It can be as simple as volunteering on a social impact project or contributing to homeless shelters. This act is critical to help you maintain a balanced life without wallowing in singleness. 

Wrap Up

Being single does not make you less of your individuality, neither does it mean you are unattractive. It is just a definition of ‘me time,’ especially if you’ve had countless experiences of failed relationships. And if not, you are enough and worthy, do what makes you happy in your singlehood because you attract the kind of energy you exude. 

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