How to cook a sumptuous snake meat


In this guide we will talk about how to cook sanke meat. Snake meat is known to offer substantial health benefits to the body. But most people do not know how to prepare this amazing dish. In this piece, we have feature two different ways on how to prepare sumptuous snake meat.  But before then, first, you need to know the safest methods of catching a snake.

Note that some of the edible snake’s species are venomous and handling them requires vigilance. After catching your snake, you need to first do away with the venomous part. Usually, snakes have their toxic glands located on the head.

Step by step guide on how to skin a snake

  1. Place a cutting board on a stable working area and cut the head with an ultra -sharp cutting knife
  2. Track down the anal vent and insert the tip of your knife or cutting scissors and cut it towards the head, maintaining a centered cut
  3. Using your knife, get rid of the skin by disconnecting the muscles.
  4. Holding the snake body with a towel or newspaper, pull off the skin to detach it completely from the body
  5. Cut the tail
  6. Remove the intestines and bury them together with the skin and tail in a dip hole to prevent access by other pets
  7. Using a clean towel or tissue paper, wipe the area around the chest
  8. Rinse it appropriately with hot water
  9. Cut it in desired pieces and rinse it again

How to cook snake meat (method 1)

What you need

Lemon juice

Four minced garlic cloves

425gm tomato sauce

Diced tomatoes 900gm

Chili powder

Cumin powder 2tbsp

Black pepper 1-2tbsp

One large chopped onion

900gms canned chili beans

Salt 1tbsp

How to prepare

  1. Mix water and lemon juice and put your snake meat pieces inside. Bring it to boil for one hour under low heat
  2. Combine all your ingredients and cook it for 8 hours
  3. Add salt to taste and leave it to cook for five minutes then let it settle for about 5 minutes then serve

Method 2


2 Eggs

Cooking oil

Black pepper



  1. Beat your eggs in a bowl
  2. Dip your cleaned and well-sized snake pieces in white egg segments
  3. Dredge them on pepper and cornbread mix
  4. Heat cooking oil in a frying pan   
  5. Dip your snake pieces inside, and deep fry them
  6. When the parts are about to be ready, remove them and drain any excess oil and put them on a bowl for about 5 to 10 minutes
  7. Then serve with any fried food like chopped veggies or corn
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