How to be Happy and Feel Better in the Here and Now


Life is hard. Right?

Most times, you feel that a quick salary raise, a new job, or being with the right man (or woman) would make you happy.

What’s more frustrating is after getting the raise, starting a family, or achieving the next goal, you would feel happy — but it’s always short lived.

The next big challenge would come knocking.

Here’s the thing, happiness can be attained right here and right now. Happiness is not some external wonder that happens to you from outside. Happiness is from within. And the day you come to the full realization of this truth, you’d start living your best life.

Don’t get it wrong; life can be tough. Raising a family, starting (or progressing) your career, or finding the next big thing can be a frustrating experience.

However, if you’re fully aware of who you are and what you’re capable of becoming, you’d know that the next big thing is not really big enough. And as such, it shouldn’t command your happiness.

Happiness is a gift — a gift that can be created and given by you. Nothing else can make you be happy and make you feel better about yourself.

You’re in control of your happiness and here’s how to command it.

  1. Deep Breathe:

There’s power in deep breathing. It slows your thoughts, relaxes your nerves, and makes you more aware of your intuition.

You can start by inhaling slowing and exhaling completely. Repeat for ten times and notice the changes in your mind.

  1. Daydream:

It may sound counter-intuitive, but daydreaming can relax your brain and sharpen your focus for the task ahead.

  1. Show love:

Write down a note of appreciation and send it to a loved one.

These kinds of communication create positive emotions, which will, in turn, lower the stress level, boost the immunity, and probably normalize the blood pressure of the receiver.

  1. Mediate:

If you’ve not been meditating, then you’re missing out.

There are thousands of reasons why you should meditate daily, and you can begin today.

Meditation clears your mind, reduces stress level, and help keep you in a peaceful state.

  1. Stretch your body:

If you’re sitting on a chair, you can get up, inhale deeply, and as you exhale, you should stretch your body, bend yourself, move your ribs, and perform simple body exercises.

Body stretching helps you to focus on the present moment and become fully aware of the now.

  1. Bath:

Sounds familiar. Right?

Here’s the secret — don’t rush it. Take your time, relax, listen to your favorite music, light up some candles, and see the wonders of pleasant shower time.

  1. Go for a massage:

You can either give yourself a massage or go for a professional massage. Either way, you’d unlock a fresh feel which would make you be in tune with nature.

  1. Make a gratitude list:

Look around. Do you notice the little things in your life?

Be grateful for what you have even as you expect better things in the future.

  1. Pay attention:

Have you noticed the lovely birds in your backyard?

The sounds you hear from the little creatures around you. Take a pause and appreciate the wonders of nature.

  1. Go for a walk:

Drop your phones and other digital devices you may have and go for a walk.

This simple walk has a way of calming your minds and nerves.

Happiness is not an external force that hits you when you get a big break or change your career.

Happiness is within us. And if you begin to practice happiness from today, you’d be amazed at how far you’ll go.

Are you happy?

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