How Smartphones are Ruining Your Sleep and Productivity


Smartphones, tablets, computers, and other kinds of electronic gadgets are designed to make us more productive and get more task done during the working hours of the day.

What if these tools are doing the exact opposite?

Granted, we can squeeze out a couple of minutes every now and then to reply to the emails, and check out the social media handles of our friends.

Also, we get to have a quick read, listen to podcasts, or play video games while commuting to work every day.

Yes, there are various merits of living in a smart world where fast-changing technologies control everything.

Here’s the thing — smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices are good, but if not properly handled, it would deteriorate our productivity level and reduce the quality of sleep we have at night.

A recent study by the Michigan State University shows that late night use of self-luminous devices would negatively affect your sleep quality and also reduce your productivity level the next day.

During the research, top managers and dozens of professionals like accountants and nurses were required to report their smartphone usage at night.

That’s not all…

They had to answer vital questions regarding their next day alertness and productivity level at work.

Here’s what they found.

Using a smartphone before bedtime is terrible — it reduces your sleep quality and also reduces your alertness and productivity the next day.

If you’re a faithful student of productivity hacks, you probably know that watching televisions or staring at your laptop before bedtime have the same adverse effect of reducing your alertness and productivity.

However, with smartphones, the situation is entirely different.

Here’s the thing, smartphones exerts more negative effects that your television and laptops.


Because smartphones have these subtle ways of making your brain to be psychologically alert, it also emits “blue light” which inhibits your body’s natural ability to fall into sleep.

That’s worrisome! Isn’t it?

Furthermore, smartphones make it practically impossible to detach yourself from work, thereby keeping you engaged all through the period.

If you’re like me, you won’t be deterred by the above reasons. You’d add it to the pool of knowledge of what not to do during bedtime.

As far as smartphone usage is not fatal, you’re okay with it.


Therefore, here are other reasons to quit — especially for the stubborn folks like me.

It’s been confirmed that our poor habit of using smartphones during bedtime is contributing to the record numbers of national undersleeps — maybe we could lower those figures.

As a career person or an entrepreneur, getting rid of your smartphone during bedtime is almost impossible. After all, you’d have to keep up with the latest news and industry trends. And you could also use a couple of minutes to catch-up with the Game of Thrones series — there’s nothing wrong with it.

Everything boils down to your productivity.

Since using smartphones during bedtime is not good for your sanity and productivity, then it’s time you reconsider your stance and start making positive changes.

Do you use smartphones late at night?


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