Grammy Award-winning Worship Singer Dante Bowe Raises back to Limelight


After Dante Bowe departed from Maverick City Music in September 2022, he was off the spotlight. Although, there are a lot of speculations from fans. Bowe is up for a new start. Following years of a profound and impactful relationship with reputable worship brands like Bethel Music and Maverick city music in the industry, He recently launched his music label TRUE Music. Which he hopes will eventually become a citadel for growth, spiritual impact, and Godly influence for young and upcoming artists. 

Bowe has shared the big stage with renowned gospel artists like Brandon Lakes, Chandler Moore, Upperroom, and Pat Barrett. He is known for his energetic stage presence and powerful performance with his soul-lifting soothing voice on “Yes and Amen,” “Old Church Basement,” and “Take Me Back.” His spontaneity in worship and impactful lyrics make him a dynamic worship artist.

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Despite the backlash and speculation surrounding his departure from Maverick City, the 29-year-old gospel singer is back with a new single, “Hide Me,” with a clear and unwavering desire to put Jesus at the center of his career.

In an interview with Christianity Today, Dante Bowe shares his plan for the future and how he is overcoming the nuances, opinions, and pressures that come with his success.

“I think there is a misconception that a lot of us want fame. It’s not that we want fame. We just release songs that we really sit at home, that we live with. It’s our real stories and our real life,” he said. “The general public makes it famous because they’ve encountered God through it, or they feel healed or like they can fight in their marriage or whatever the case may be. It’s the inspiration. It’s their theme song. That’s when fame comes into play and that’s when arenas come into play. It’s when God’s breathing on it.”

One of the interview questions raised by CT reads;

You’ve been part of some of the most influential worship music collectives working right now— Maverick City Music, Bethel. How do you navigate in an industry where worship leaders become celebrities, where the line between performance and worship is blurry?

Bowe responds, “Authenticity is a bend of transparency and truth, and it’s very hard to find. But you have to find a place where you can be transparent, honest, and aware of who you are and where you are. And blend that with the truth. Because everything you feel and everything you go through is not necessarily the truth. Our emotions and feelings—it’s hard … The Bible talks about not trusting your heart because it’s wicked. You have to lean into the truth of what God actually thinks about us. Then you have this authentic creation. This person can be free whether selling out an arena or helping their mom with the groceries.

When people are truly authentic, when they’re truly humble, they’re serving. Fame and all that stuff is not even a thought when you’re just operating in your purpose and being truly who you’re supposed to be”.

With his new record label TRUE Music, Bowe is inspired to work with amazing, hardworking Christian artists who are ready to take the world with worship.

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