Good to Hear from Vladimir Putin, the Lord Voldemort!


Good to Hear from Vladimir Putin, the Lord Voldemort! 

It had been reported that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, recently took a stand to insult the African continent and its people. While USAIG is still verifying the details and the contexts surrounding the fact of his statement, response is in order. Below is the reported quote:

“When an African becomes rich, his bank accounts are in Switzerland. He travels to France for Medical treatment. He invests in Germany. He buys from Dubai. He consumes Chinese. He prays in Rome or Mecca. His children study in Europe. He travels to Canada, USA, Europe for tourism.If he die[s], he will be buried in his native country of Africa.
Africa is just a cemetery for Africans. How could a cemetery be developed?”

What’s the Motivation?

When people verbally diss you, the first best response is to reflect on why. Where are they coming from? What do they want?  We know that Putin plans for Russia’s world domination. His vision, as dark as that of Harry Potter’s Voldemort, sees the  Russian Federation as the ancient Roman empire of 21st century, and he’ll go any length to seeing this dream come true. If anything, this dream of giving Russia the world’s leadership is the chief reason Russian patriots still follow him.  What justification could a man who -stays in office for almost two decades, kills his own people and political opponents like it’s nobody’s business, and amasses personal wealth of over $200 billion – give to any “rational” Russian? He must continue to assure them that it all worth it.

The Fantasy

It’s unclear whether his hired psychics are lying to him, or the spirit of the dead ancient people he conjures while eating their rotten  body parts are transmitting well. What is clear is that Putin is bewitched by a spell to turn Russia to a modern day Byzantine empire, and live on as Achilles of his time. Remember Shakespeare’s Macbeth?  To Putin, Joseph Stalin had a good chance to fulfill this mission during WWII, but despite all he did, he failed miserably by signing some kind of peace agreement, which eventually evolved (in addition to the  failed League of Nation agreement) into the reasoning behind forming the United Nations on October 1945. Since then, Russia’s ambition to dominate the world was threatened, and sent packing into the la la land.  Putin’s burning desire for world’s domination is deeply rooted ideology.

It’s more Serious than it Appears 

As we know the psychology behind ideology is partly a misery. The biochemistry analysis of what goes on in an ideologue’s mind may never be completely understood. Hitler’s belief that the Jews should not live; Islamic extremists’ beliefs that everybody in the universe must be Muslims or die; a far right white nationalist who believes their  race is superior and thus will choose savagery over civilization; Saudi Arabian royals who believe they must be kings (but female royals can’t be Queens ) or Saudi Arabia as a state ceases to exist, and so on and so forth. This, and perhaps more pervasive, is the kind of ideology that runs in Putin’s veins. There are many Russians who are certain  that Putin isn’t only dangerous to Russia, but to our current human civilization, and many of them have often paid with their dear lives.  

Who is Putin Really After?

If the battle is to dominate the world, wouldn’t the best strategy be to go after the big guy who appears to be dominating, and take them down? Yes, this is the obvious answer for Russia. As big and bold the United States claims to be, Putin’s Russia has never  imagined any impossibility in taking America down. The United States of America is the greatest but equally vulnerable. It was built by a body of strangers who came together (and still coming), and who must stay together to sustain that greatness. American democracy is the best to none. It’s the reason why Russia’s efforts against America since the Cold War era has failed until lately when it switched to using the ‘modern weapon of warfare’. Why has there been less Islamic extremists bombing in America lately? Could it be that Trump increased military budgets so high than his predecessors, or is there an “East keeper” at the other end who pulls the strings of these extremists? In other words, could it be the case that ISIS is Putin’s world rebels only dispatched at Kremlin’s will to terrorize enemies and/or strengthen his  pitch for more weapons? Researchers sure need to delve into questions like these and help put in their check-marks.

Why Africa?

Here is the most interesting part of this blog piece. We now know how Putin’s positioning with Africa has shifted over the last decade. In the next post on this series, we explore why specifically Putin could have taken such a direct insult at Africa and its people, and we weigh his words from African immigrants perspectives.

Stop by again to read more. In the meantime, what do you think is the best response to Putin’s attack on Africans?

Let’s come together on this one

You can post your views and comments here with us.  You’ll be surprised that Putin’s agents read pieces of blog posts of Africans! Make your statement when it matters most. Send your views and opinions to You can request to be anonymous if you want.

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