China is Sexy and It Knows It.


China is Sexy and It Knows It.

China. It’s now a popular name in nearly all worlds’ geo-political economy discourses. It’s there in US talks on trade, peace, economy, and politics. It’s there also in U.K’s . It isn’t just there in Africa, it drives the most serious conversations on the continent’s socio-economy and politics. Many of China’s sons and daughters aren’t only educated abroad, they equally markedly stand out particularly in STEM.

All fingers point to that huge fact that China is doing well for itself credit to its undefeated spirit of nationalism and empire-seeking dream of its leaders. Another credit is due; a round of applause to  American corporations, who ran off there in the 90s to take advantage of globalization with the hope to further enrich their pockets.

China’s refusal on being a passive nation that exists in the shadows of the league of nations has been made clear all along. The groundwork for its flawless strategy as well as execution had been laid several years ago when nearly all American products were getting made in China by greedy American  capitalists in exchange for zero tax and cheap labor.

China went on to cashing its crops when it began to reject IMF funding, and instead, pushed for diversity in IMF leadership. China simply studied the chess game on the table, pushed buttons to play, and beat players at their games. It wasted no time to set up what junkies called an alternative, but notably a viable competition to the worlds dominating World Bank, and successfully enlisted  60 countries too to join in 2015.

Analysts and observers who were watching the chess game predicted a loss for China in 2015, but the win or lose can best be analyzed not only on what was known then, but also what we now know over the last 3 years. It’s arguably a win for China when a nation enters into trade battles with the US and all that IMF could do is calling out ‘hey you guys; stop fighting.!

The trade war we now see between China and the US would have been an effrontery on the part of China 20 years ago. That China could even afford to enter a wrestling court with the US on trade speaks volumes about  its goals and aspirations. What makes the threat more real for the US isn’t the plausibility anymore, but its closeness to realizing the goal. China is calling the shots.

These days, if someone is passionate enough to research and detail China’s investments in Africa, along with its consolidation of power base and tactics  in the region, they are for sure on to publishing books. Such books would reveal the ground pipeline of strategies that had been laid which could soon divert most IMF and World Bank ‘customers’ prestigiously called  ‘member nations’ to China’s World Bank alternative.

In science, we know that China is equally advancing both in space technology and otherwise. It’s building a moon in the space to launch in 2020 among other innovations. Just this April, we found out its scientists are now fully capable of engineering humans. In the world of critical theorists and sci fi beliefs, it could mean that China needs no ‘immigrants’ to grow its population in the future.

And militarily? Who knows?  It was recently reported that China is using any means necessary including using its Chinese foreign born abroad to spy for US secrets.

China is playing hard, and knows it sure could afford to. According to Bloomberg’s report, China’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which was nothing compared to that of US three decades ago,  has caught up with the United States’ and will significantly leave it behind by the year 2028.

I’ve been unbiased so far, but now let me be bias: I dig dollars, and love America. Not only because I’m its proud citizen, but also because it’s diversity is a representation of the people of the world. Now, that’s a unique positioning I’m rooting for. But where have you been America?  Look at what the “discontents” of globalization done to you!

Please, God! Make America sexy again.

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