How to be an Agent of Change in a Corrupt Society


3 Practical Strategies to Adopt as a Black Christian 

Perhaps you’ve been wondering what step or approach to take as a believer in a society that breeds evil and contempt. Tag along as we delve into the practical approaches to adopt as a black Christian and become an agent of change in a corrupt society.

As reprehensible as this may sound, corruption is one of the biggest problems affecting Nigeria’s economic progress. Although incredibly blessed as a nation, highly religious but yet led by a corrupt government. However, corruption has now become a usual way of life for most people. Giving and taking bribes used to be the most common type of corruption. But it has now transcended to nepotism, covetousness, looting of funds, etc. 

Nevertheless, as Christians and believers alike, we must play a significant role in fighting and ensuring substantial changes to mitigate moral decadence inundating our society. Whether moral or political, corruption is a sin, according to biblical scripture. 

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Model Christ in the Transformation and Renewal of People’s Hearts

agent o9f change in a corrupt society
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As Christians, we need to model christ and show people what Godly life entails. Life is not just about receiving, taking advantage of opportunities but about helping and serving others. Jesus portrayed this type of lifestyle while on earth. He washed his disciple’s feet and made them understand what he was doing and why they needed to emulate the act. As believers, our job is to set a legacy that models Christ to those around us Titus 2:7. With this, we can in no time help others turn away and completely transform from all sorts of corruptible deeds. Your satisfaction must come from knowing that you helped someone change for good.

See God as the Source of Power and Position

One of the main levels of corruption in a country like Nigeria is the struggle for position in politics or governance. The thirst for power has left people with no option but to indulge in questionable acts and atrocities. This set of individuals don’t care who they trample upon provided they achieve their illegal aims. Whether using humans for rituals, rigging of elections, money laundering, all these do not bother their conscience.

agent of change in a corrupt society
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As Christians, we could proffer a solution by redirecting their minds towards understanding that the natural source of power and position is from God. There must be an emphasis on preaching that acquiring power and attaining a leadership position has its root in Christ. When you forcefully achieve these things through illegal means of killing and rigging, it will backfire. When there is a continuous emphasis, corruption will reduce, and this will make people understand that they are in power because God wants them there. 

Persuading and Encouraging People For a Positive Change

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Proverbs 23:6-8 clarifies that as a man thinketh, so are his actions. Both good and bad thoughts are nursed from the heart. This means no matter the level of effort put into combating corruption; nothing will change if people are not convinced or touched. But when someone’s heart is rightly guided and persuaded, they will tend to live a proper behavior. The act of fearing God results in a godly lifestyle. Therefore to effortlessly be an agent of change in a corrupt society, you must encourage adherents to dread evil and manifest the right attitude. 

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Bottom line

When you are patriotic to your nation and love God, it will be challenging to indulge in things that are detrimental to your country. Unity and harmony will only exist where there is love for God and obedience to the constitution. Likewise, prayer is an important weapon to combat corruption. Praying for the nation’s good means, you are conscious of the emerging issues and trust God enough to take the lead. You cannot pray to God for peace and still engage in things that will reproach his ultimacy. 

Nigeria is endowed with natural gifts, but because of the high level of corruption, it could not effectively manage its resources for holistic progress, making Nigeria a developing country. Nevertheless, positive change can only take effect if you stand out and take a step that emulates christ even if you get vilified.

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