6 Habits That Are Giving You Dandruff


Dandruff can be frustrating. The urge to scratch your head when in public and the irritation can take a toll on you. Most people link Malassezia (a fungus that causes flaky skin) to their itchy scalp. But what most people do not know is that some of the sneaky habits they do may cause flaky scalp. In this piece, we have discussed habits that may be giving you dandruff. Check which ones you are committing, to find an appropriate remedy for your situation.

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Styling Your Hair Often

While it’s good to keep your hair stylish and trendy, doing it often can cause dandruff. When the hair sprays, wax, and gels stay for long on the scalp or are not cleaned properly, they may lead to excess build-up of oil and dirt. This makes the hair itchy and the skin irritated, leading to dandruff build-up. Always make sure you wash all dirt and oil before styling your hair.

You Moisturize Your Scalp Less Often

Just like your skin, your hair needs moisture. This should be done regularly to prevent your scalp from drying out. You don’t have to break the bank to keep your hair moisturized.

You can prepare a homemade moisturizer. Beat two eggs in a bowl and add mashed avocado. Eggs are high in protein, and avocados have essential oils to keep your hair moisturized and strong. This mixture can be a go-to treatment for your hair.

Aloe Vera is also another home remedy that has antibacterial properties that can help treat your scalp. Squeeze Aloe Vera gel in a bowl and apply it to your hair. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash thoroughly.

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Stress alters how our body functions. When your body is under stress, it needs more vitamins and nutrients to keep the metabolic processes running. During this time, you may have energy burnout as the body uses more nutrients compared to when you are not under stress. If you do not eat well, your body will use the available nutrients leaving you feeling weak and your immune system vulnerable.

This creates a suitable environment for fungus like Malassezia to thrive well. Always practice yoga and exercise regularly to help fight stress and to reduce susceptibility to dandruff build-up.

Not Washing Hair Properly Or Over Washing It


As much as it is a great idea to shampoo and condition your hair regularly, doing it daily can rob you of essential nutrients and minerals that help promote hair growth. Worse still, washing your hair daily dries it out, making it hard to style.

Staying for too long is also not recommended as it allows sweat and sebum to build up, causing the scalp to dry out. Specialists recommend washing hair after every three to four days.

Scratching Your Hair

When your already hair has dandruff, it’s itchy, and chances are you will feel the urge to scratch your scalp. Scratching makes it worse and may leave sores on your skin, which can get infected with the fungus. If you have dandruff, wash your hair with dandruff shampoo and condition it properly.

Not Cleaning Your Styling Comb Regularly.


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When you style your hair, grease, oil, and dirt build-up, and if not cleaned regularly, they find their way to your hair. Always make sure you clean your styling combs regularly, to avoid creating a breeding medium for fungus-causing dandruff.

Wrapping Up

Managing dandruff is not hard as most people think. If you implement all the above tips, you should be able to keep the fungus at bay. However, if the condition persists, seek medical advice.

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