5 Ways Immigration Have Shaped The American Culture



The US has a mixed history when it comes to immigration. Since the 1800s, people from various parts of the world have moved into the US. And they’ve contributed to the growth of the country.

Immigration played a vital role in the growth of the US economy.

Most times, immigrants come into the US with the desire to succeed. And their zeal coupled with their excellent work ethic makes a big difference.

In 2010, businesses owned by immigrants generated over $775 billion in revenue for the United States economy.

Furthermore, immigrants are the founders of 40% of the fortune 500 companies in the United States. Immigrants or their children found some of the most valuable brands.

They use the same adventurous spirit to grow their businesses.

Here are five ways immigrants have shaped the US culture.

  1. Immigration Lead To Economic Growth:

In most developed nations like the US, families tend to have few children. And as the populations’ age, the reduced fertility rate creates an economic burden on the country. New workforce will be needed to fill up the gap.

Since the American families have few children, the second generation immigrants (children of the immigrants) enter the workforce and also keep things moving.

This new generation of immigrants keeps social security and pension funds financed.

The role of immigrants in the growth of the economy is surprising. Immigrants have boosted the job opportunities and wages of the citizens of the United States.

  1. Immigrants Have Been Actively Involved In Entrepreneurship And Innovation In The United States:

The US is a home for several billion dollar companies. And more than 50% of these companies are owned by immigrants. These companies create over 700 new jobs.

Immigrants own 25% of new businesses in the United States. And these businesses experience a 60% increase in wages.

What’s more, immigrants are churning out top-notch inventions.

Immigrants have the spirit of adventure. This drive coupled with their entrepreneurial mindset sets them apart in the manufacturing industry.

  1. Immigrants Offer Significant Contribution To The Social Service:

Some US citizens believe that immigrants drain the social welfare.

On careful inspection, you’d notice that immigrants contribute more to the social welfare system in the US.

Here’s the thing — immigrants contributed over $115 billion more than they received from Medicare.

Also, a study showed that the reduction of legal immigration would cause more harm to the Social Security trust fund and taxpayers would have to handle more financial burdens.

Therefore, immigration offers great benefits to the American people because it provides an extra revenue generating source for the government.

  1. Immigrants Adapt Fast To The American Culture:

Immigrants typically educate themselves, learn the English language, and become more productive in American society.

Contrary to popular beliefs, these energetic individuals come into the US and quickly adjust to their new life.

Furthermore, the new generation of African immigrants are resourceful and quickly assimilate the US culture into their identity.

  1. Immigrants Propagate The Global Superiority Of The US:

The US is globally seen as a country that’s open to people of all races. And this global identity is made possible by immigrants.

US immigrants are in an excellent position to convey positive information to their peers at home. And it will help build the global brand of the US.

This process is known as “Soft power.”

Here’s the catch…

With soft power, the US can easily accomplish its foreign policy goals.

Although immigrants offer significant benefit to the US. It does not rule out the challenges that the nation faces due to immigration.

However, these challenges can be tackled with the implementation of the right policies.

Do you know of other ways immigrants are shaping American Culture?

Use the comment section to share your thoughts with us.

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