5 Home Remedies to Soothe Blistering Sunburn Approved by Skincare Experts


Most skin cancers are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And Nearly one out of every three Americans experiences sunburn yearly, as revealed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Sunburn is not only common to beach hang out or summer days; it can result from daily outdoor activities. Although UV radiation contained in sunlight has a major health benefit, allowing the skin to soak in vitamin D. On the flip side, it increases the risk of sunburn; hence, the urgent need for prompt and safe treatment.

A slew of home remedies may help alleviate sunburn gruesome pain and hasten the healing process but not without the risk of irritation based on skin sensitivity. However, kicking off with the right treatments helps you maintain sunburn-free skin while enjoying summer treats with friends and family. 

Here are five home dermatologist-endorsed remedies that will soothe your skin and leave no itch. You should give them a try.

What you should know about sunburn?

When you overexpose yourself to the sun, you increase the possibility of damage to the DNA of the skin’s outer layer, also known as the epidermis. The UV lights that cause this dangerous effect are of two types ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B. The latter is mostly responsible for sunburn leading to the deterioration of the outer layer, causing skin cancer and untimely skin ageing. 

Jeremy Brauer, a certified dermatologist and founder of Spectrum Skin and Laser in New York, says, “Sunburn is an inflammatory reaction to damage caused by UV radiation from the sun.” You need to feel nature, which means you like to experience outdoors, and your skin protects you from the scorching sun all day. Your skin has a natural defense mechanism against UV rays, but the defense can only withstand so much sun. It becomes overwhelmed and collapses, resulting in peeling, even worst, blistering. 

Dr. Tanya Nino, the melanoma program director at Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Orange County, California, says a skin cell can become skin cancer when the DNA is damaged and can’t repair itself.

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Types of sunburn

There are different levels to the severity of Sunburn, but According to Dr. Brauer, these two are most recognized.

First-degree sunburn leads to damaging the epidermis layer, thereby causing redness and painful peeling.

Second-degree sunburn inflicts both the epidermis and dermis, the inner layer. In addition to the horrifying pain, It causes discoloration, swelling, and blistering.

It is not unlikely to simultaneously experience both degrees of sunburn. If you go out wearing a skippy armless flowery gown on a sunny day, the part of your body with covering gets first-degree sunburn, while your leg and other exposed parts may experience second-degree sunburns.

Dermatologists endorsed home remedies for sunburn.

Depending on your skin type, sunburn may heal within a short time frame or over a long period of time. But you can hasten the healing process and ease your pains with the following remedies:

1. Apply Aloe vera

A good amount of research shows that aloe vera is an excellent medicinal plant for healing all types of sunburn. It stimulates collagen production. A compound in aloe called aloin functions as an anti-inflammatory agent, which helps to moisturize the skin and prevent peeling. Ordinarily, aloe has a calm and cooling effect on the skin—however, Dr. Dustin Portela, DO, a Board Certified Dermatologist through the American Board of Dermatology, advises giving it extra coolness by placing it in the refrigerator before applying. Quite a number of moisturizers contain aloe vera mixed with alcohol; you might want to pay attention to the products you apply on your skin. To stay safe from irritation, dermatologists suggest pure aloe vera, void of chemicals. 

2. Cold Compress the affected area

Dr. Portela says cold compressing your skin is the easiest and most effective way to soothe your stinging skin. Since sunburn causes skin inflammation, the compress relieves the pain quickly. To alleviate the excruciating pain, don’t place ice on the skin directly; otherwise, you risk causing your skin further irritation. Instead, soak a cloth in cold water, squeeze off moisture, put ice in a small bag, wrap it in a soft cloth, and then place it on the skin. Immersing yourself in a cool shower is another way to counter skin inflammation from sunburn.  

3. Lock in moisturizer to dampen skin.

While patting yourself to dry after a cool bath, allow the skin to soak in little water, then slather moisturizer to lock in water into the skin giving you moisture-hydrated skin free of dryness.

4. Essential Oil 

According to Healthline, Essential oil has health benefits that makes them suitable for healing sunburn blisters and relieving pain. Although no sufficient scientific research suggests it to be a sunburn treatment, when applied using the correct proportion, it comforts the skin and prevents all forms of itchiness and pain. 

5. Hydrate as often as you can

Drinking enough water to stay hydrated can help prevent dryness. Sunburn causes dehydration by expelling moisture off the skin. “Your body needs extra water to help with the healing process after a sunburn,” says Dr. Portela

At what point should you seek medical help?

When you are beginning to notice second-degree sunburn-like blistering, discoloration, and swelling, it is safe to see a dermatologist because the risk of infection is high at this stage.

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You can avoid future sunburn by staying away from the sun. Here are a few tips to maintain healthy skin free of sunburn:

  • Use sun safety products, e.g., sunscreen with a special protection factor (SPF)of at least 50
  • Wear fully covered clothes on extra sunny days
  • Reduce intense exposure to sun rays

“Prevention is better than cure,” so they say. You must also know that sunburn doubles your risk of melanoma, a skin cancer. Adhering to necessary precautions can save you hours of worries, stings, and financial discomfort from treating sunburn.

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