3 Unique Tips to Stand out Without Compromise


The world is an exciting place. People love the idea of success, look up to successful people, and admire them. But the question is, are you willing to go through the process without embracing standards below your values? Often than not, the response to this is NO. We all want to live a comfortable life with absolutely zero stress. Most time, we admire success in people but neglect the fact that it takes unwavering principles and values to be your true self.  And because of external validation, we try to fit in.

In a recent study of more than 50,000 Americans, 54% say they always or sometimes feel as though no one knows them well.

You can be successful and lead a sustainable legacy without bending on authenticity or compromising.

Here are three tips for you:

Pay Attention to What Matters

Being able to negotiate and find common ground is demanding but rewarding. Likewise, reaching an agreement with people is a skill that can’t be matched. However, compromise is all too often subscribing to standards that undermine your values. When you give more audience to the things that provide you with happiness, it is easy to identify the principles that bind you, which in the long term brings fulfilment.

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Distractions can result in mediocrity; society has a lot to offer. But it takes conscious effort and doggedness to understand what choices to make. Imitating people is not a bad idea. But it becomes terrible when you do it to

receive external validation. Settling for values that define you doesn’t make you obstinate. Instead, it helps you understand people from different perspectives, learn, and ultimately give in to what resonates with your metric for growth.


It’s never the best to decide to follow a route because someone suggested it as the most straightforward thing at that time. Always listen and weigh options. Know when to say yes or no, and make sure your decision reflects your ideas, goals, and values.

Appreciate Your Little Effort

Nobody knows you better than yourself. Don’t go hard on yourself because you’ve only achieved one-third of your set goals. At the point where you begin to doubt your choices and decisions because your friends are doing better, you start to plummet. What this does to you is that it takes away your sense of fulfilment and leaves resentment. You make compromises when you no longer acknowledge what you have. For instance, when you compromise on projects that are against your better judgment, your values suffer.

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Your efforts count, no matter how small. Celebrate yourself as much as you do others, and don’t always compare yourself to others. After all, your journey has only been experienced by you. Embrace it, not deny it, because is what makes you stand out.

Don’t be Swayed by External Factors

A common reason people compromise is because of financial issues. There’s no doubt there is an endless list of bills to pay. With overwhelming bills, it is hard to see anything as wrong as long as the income is steady. External factors only bring quantity, which gives instant gratification, not abundance. An abundant life gives you a stream of choices and options.

Money is an excellent resource but not an end in itself if not carefully managed. It will compel you to make a series of compromises against your value system. Don’t live to please people, but be flexible; enjoy the process and the result. The happiest people are not those who live in luxury but those who embrace every opportunity and make the best of it.

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A wrap

Making compromises, unfortunately, is something we all have to do at least once in our lifetime. Whether is trying to do something your partner enjoys just to make them happy or having to lie to your boss to get home earlier than usual, these acts, which may seem like no big deal on the surface, put a smudge on our values and slowly if not corrected it becomes a norm. The goal is to stand out regardless of the impact of external influence and appreciate your effort without comparing. Comparison denies joy, and finally, pay attention to what matters to you in life. It could be anything. All these let you become a stand-out swift without compromising yourself.

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