A 2019 Presidential contestant by the name of  Marianne Williamson, a Southern White woman from Texas, is presenting an official apology to the Black people. She’s reportedly a spiritual mentor. I watched her praying like a  minister, and teaching like a philosopher and quoting lots of Dr. King’s words almost verbatim. Where I got hooked was watching her lead an apology session with a group of White people publicly acknowledging the atrocities that their White ancestors had committed against the black ancestors along with the snowballing effects of these atrocities as been manifested till date.

The White people that participated in the apology session humbly stood  and recited Williamson’s words. But is this apology enough? Does it equate, in any way, the reparation demanded by the Black activists? Why is Williamson doing this, and why now? These questions need answers. Here is a poem written by Williamson: Prayer of Apology to African Americans.

But here’s what happened that baffled me: while watching the video, I couldn’t help but tearing up. At first it started with just a drop of tear, but eventually I needed  tissue. I was sobbing hysterically. I feel that a practice like this is much more meaningful especially when it isn’t done in front camera. 

One thing is for sure: Williamson is a direct beneficiary of a racist society. She is reportedly a college drop out, yet  she’s able to access many doors and stages that a woman of color of equal accomplishment may not otherwise be privileged to access. 

One thing isn’t for sure: Williamson keeps running for office and with that comes the need for numbers.  It’s super easy for people to link this apology crusade to number drive after all people vote based on their emotions and oftentimes hardly by fact. If you live in Texas where voters demography is rapidly changing and the old majority swiftly turning to minority, someone might argue that Williamson’s platform is a good strategic fit for her. 

But if you want to know how racism is deeply cutting wounds, read some of the comments written under that video below (Warning! Some of the comments there are offensive to Blacks!). The percentage of like and dislike is so dramatically  disproportional: 285 likes vs. 1200 dislikes.


With these comments, if Williamson was an apostle, she’s certainly not of her time. On the other hand, if she is indeed a spiritual mentor, running for office would actually undermine her message, and politics will take it away very quickly. Cities and localities need the healing that her platform offers; not the White House. 


Below are some of the comments on Williamson’s video:

Unique NPC3 days agoSo Marianne, when will you apologize for the Bolshevik revolution that killed millions of Russians and Ukrainians? The Bolsheviks were led disproportionately by a (((certain group))229REPLYView 14 repliesABAD9999 ABAD99996 days agoThis is an SNL skit, right?390REPLYView 27 repliesZao Medong3 days agoLet’s lead a prayer now to thank white people from the bottom of our hearts for creating this incredible society for ALL to enjoy181REPLYView 7 repliesWarren Demontegue5 days agoI just want to say, I’m sorry to myself for clicking on this video.479REPLYView 22 repliesWarren Demontegue5 days agoShe talks like Jim Jones. The same creepy monotone voice.185REPLYView 6 repliesLes Damnes3 days agoWhite guilt free. Also look up (((who))) had a hand in the slave trade? Hint: they were behind USS Liberty and 9/11.108REPLYView 4 repliesLuigi Vercotti4 days agocomes off more like a cult where the leader is controlling everything the members do, saying, and think… lol… Only a matter of time before she breaks out a bucket filled with Kool-aid223REPLYView 5 repliesPhillip B4 days agoThis congregation is woke AF. Next Sunday…Africans will apologize to other Africans for selling off their own community. Not just the Whites, but middle eastern countries and even among other African tribes. What a dividing and self-loathing video this is.Read more188REPLYView 29 repliesJacob Reedy5 days ago (edited)This woman is a virtue signaling goon. Thinking everyone should be a victim.🙄 she’s crazy.144REPLYView 14 repliesAlondra Velazquez3 days ago (edited)You are a COMPLETE and FINISHED Idiot!!! Congrats, you are doing the Satan’s job, PUPPET!!! This vid just shows you how People are BRAINWASHED and INJECTED by White “guilt”. WHY should I apologize if I did NOT hurt one Black, one Hispanic, one Asian …….. in my life!!!Read more114REPLYView 4 repliesAlpha Dragon Capital6 days agoThis is so wrong. Cult like.103REPLYView 6 repliesFrank Korkmaz6 days agoWow, democrats have hit a new level of stupid. Please continue so we can get a super majority in the senate.281REPLYView 37 repliesThisisnotmyrealname83 days agoIn case you didn’t make it that far, start watching at 15:40.71REPLYView 8 repliesBilly Queen6 days agoGood thing this crazy lady will never become president. Now go waste your money on her dumb books!138REPLYView 3 repliesJohn Matthew Crane6 days ago (edited)Holy 💩! It starts getting really AWKWARD at 11:14. All the Democrats need to do in this election is not act crazy! And you folks can’t even do that! Instead, let’s surround a black person in the audience, in the creepiest way possible, during a malice struggle session, and apologize on behalf of the country at the behest of some nutty spiritual guru like Marianne Williamson! The Democrats have totally lost it!Read more124REPLYView 7 repliesShawn Boggs6 days agoHey Democrats, maybe you should apologize for your policies that break up black families and put them in the projects and keep them down, instead of virtue signaling the Democrat crimes of 250 years ago95REPLYView 11 repliesSouperSaiyan5 days agoIs she making the congregation pray to black people? That doesn’t sound very Christian85REPLYView 13 repliesSora Kanzoku6 days agono one should appologise for something they didnt do. or accept an apology for something that didnt happen to them. I can apologise for any racist comments i made as a joke that hurt peoples feelings. thats about all ive done. i have ancenstors that were slaves ive done ancestry and i have a black slave who was married to her master and the child came out pretty white and married a white and that child was treated white. so do i appologise to myself for enslaving myself? … sigh i have a hard time totatly condeming this becasue people felt healed… but i think those who have been made to feel guilty for something they didnt do to people who didnt have it done to them needs an aplogy.Read more93REPLYView 11 repliesGary Lunsford6 days agoROFL – This lady is leading a religious cult, not a political movement.55REPLYBIGARMADA19885 days ago (edited)Is this a deleted scene from “Get Out?”70REPLYView 3 repliesZao Medong3 days ago (edited)This is the most sickening video I’ve ever seen and I’ve watched Mexican cartel execution videos Everyone who participated in this should be ashamed of themselves156REPLYView 4 repliesWillow B4 days agoPlease do not eat before watching this craziness. You been warned.44REPLYView 3 repliesDog rescuer3 days agoDear Marianne.. lay of the drugs. You have lost your mind ggggirrllfriend29REPLYView 2 repliesMitch Young1 week ago(((Williamson)))–sure.61REPLYTheGreatest Quest4 days agoYOU DID IT! Racism is over!!! I assume, nobody will ever bring it up again and we can stop blaming whites for everything?180REPLYView 15 repliesHitler DidNothingWrong1 day agoNope. Still have no idea why people voted Hitler in. Not a clue.14REPLYmeddlingmage5 days ago (edited)What? This is real? It’s like straight out of that boondocks episode. I want to up vote this because of how ridiculous it is, but I can’t, cuz this is super racist.46REPLYView 3 repliesJeff Maylor1 week agoFunny when someone non-White pretends to be White, and leads others to ask forgiveness for “our sins”. LOL. Look up her actual ethnicity.59REPLYView 17 repliestruebluegem5 days ago15:42 Me at the thought of anyone taking you seriously.22REPLYView 2 repliesAaron Wittrig4 days agoDon’t be afraid to give this one a 👍🏻 YouTube. I think that we can all agree that this sublime, exalted level of cringe is well beyond the ken of mere satire or parody. From the plea that black people accept our atonement like it’s Yom Kippur to the anguished scream of catharsis perfectly timed to release right before the reminder of how black people were only recently forbidden from screaming, this prayer filled me with the Holy Spirit of cringe, as it seemed to fill many in the congregation.Read more11REPLYView replyJames Mcgreevy3 days agoIt just funny because the first legal slave owner in the United States was African-American by the name of Anthony Johnson65REPLYView 4 repliesChristopher Karlson1 day agoAnd then for no reason at all they began putting (((them))) in camps.11REPLYMy Life is a Tragedy16 hours agoAll I see are a bunch of people who escaped from a psych ward11REPLYGuatever Mmto4 days ago (edited)I Googleed ” Stupidity ” trying to look fo the “squad ” and it took me here ….24REPLYIain Botham20 hours agoAre (((you))) going to appologise to us for the Holodomor?12REPLYRideTheLightning3 days agoLooks like somebody feelings got hurt and deleted my comment. I speak for myself and I’m not apologizing for a damn thing I haven’t done. If I was born in the 1980’s explain how I’m guilty? Because I’m not.Since I’m part Native American and Irish I expect you to apologize to me then, my ancestors got treated like shit. Fuck out of here with this bullshit apology.Read more66REPLYView 4 repliesHale Hardy1 day agoNow we will give you one way 1st class tickets back to Wakanda11REPLYGeorge Goldberg1 day agoThis won’t change black IQ scores or their bio-spirits. Black people will never be equal to other races and vise versa. Sorry m89REPLYceefoo1 day agoI didn’t realize how wickedly insidious Marianne Williamson is until I watched this video. This is White Guilt brainwashing. Sickening and evil.11REPLYjoecookDE2 days agoAnyone else here that demon manifesting in the background? Make no mistake, that’s what that was…8REPLYGlobalistsR Traitors1 day agoExpel all non-Europeans regardless of their paper citizenship.8REPLYPinot Grigio9 hours agoLet’s also thank whites as they were the first to end slavery. There’s still slavery going on today in parts of Africa and the middle East and crickets from the left!6REPLYContent Warning5 days agoBLACKED: Marianne Williamson – Paying Larry Elder reparations29REPLYView 3 repliesdeppo_zweifler19 hours ago (edited)To whom do you actually pray? Obviously, it’s Satan. Judaism is a death cult. You jews killed our culture, our future and our civilization.6REPLYButtercup5 days agoThis reminds me of the Everest college canoe prayer thing. The anti white cult is definitely spreading. Also, she’s running for president but only has 56k subscribers. Lol.58REPLYView 4 repliesTEAMBONUS TOURNAMENT15 hours ago (edited)Marianne Williamson, such a goyish name for a jew, nice choice.4REPLYMor2come211 day agoI would smack the sh1t out of a white person if they apologized to me over something that happened years ago and they didn’t have anything to do with!5REPLYParakeets Parakeets3 days agoI don’t think I have ever been creeped out quite this much before.25REPLYskeetorkiftwon2 days agoSo give them all your money and stop trying to rule over them Williamson. Don’t virtue signal, ACT NOW!6REPLYRobert Ferguson1 day agoThat was a great (((prayer))).19REPLYxZANZIBARZx1 day ago#ItsOkayToBeWhite Identity politics meets a “new age” (Satanic) church H0nk H0nk10REPLYBob Kebob2 days agoI’d like an apology from Marianne for that time her people killed Jesus.15REPLYView 2 repliesLarsanator2 days agoI want an apology for the 52% of all violent crime committed by Blacks who comprise 13% of the population!17REPLYView replySPNDusk Realm23 hours ago (edited)Good job Marianne you’re just successfully redpilling more of my Euorpean descended people. Only someone as evil and twisted would conduct something like this. Sorry I had to watch it.3REPLYTimothy Boudreau6 days agoAbsolutely disgusting!!!16REPLYTheyCallmeSpider-man3 days agoThis is a PERFECT example of how the democrats keep racism alive and well in the minds of their voters. This woman has SEVERE mental health issues. If you want the boogeyman to appear real to the children, just make sure you continually remind them of it. Marianne, you are one hell of a disgusting racist and I truly hope you burn in hell for eternityRead more18REPLYCreatio ExNihilo3 days agoI do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. 1 Timothy 2:12 ESV Somehow seems like things went wrong!9REPLYNym GRACE6 days agoSo much to say ….. 1) how did the black folks feel in the room? 2) what if a person was mixed race? Does he have to apologize to his black half? 3) what if you were South Asian and got mistaken for the black person? Do you say I am not black . Or do you just let the white folks have their chance to apologize? 4) there weren’t that many black folks in the room. Did they feel crowded upon? 5). What if you came to USA in the last 10 years and you were white? Do you apologize? 6) what if you came from Nigeria in the last 10 years? Do you say do not apologize to me? Or do you find the nearest American black and apologize for selling him into slavery?Read more13REPLYView 4 repliesLord1 day agoWhite people did nothing wrong. Whites should not feel sorry for doing the same things every other group of people did.7REPLYThe Descendant2 days agoThis is the most cucked faqqotry in the world.7REPLYThe Dude Abides1 day agoLol! There was some corny religious drama at about 15:43 when a woman just started screaming at the top of her lungs for no reason, as if she was possessed by the devil. Most of you probably missed it because you couldn’t stomach watching this for more than a couple of minutes.9REPLYView replyjack bran1 day ago(((Marianne Williamson))).13REPLYBlog of The W3st6 days agoWow! This is some nutty, stupid stuff here.23REPLYView 3 repliesLOU FRATANGELO3 days agoThis is a clown 🤡 show clinic…18REPLYYone Yossarian6 days agoLiteral progressive high priestess18REPLYAllen Martin1 day agoI have nothing to apologize for11REPLYRobert Sterkeson1 day agoAfter the revolution in America there’s no way real Americans are going to let you go unpunished for this. Not a chance.6REPLYEternal Crusader1 day agoI like the part where she said the “genius” of African culture. EPIC lulz12REPLYView 2 repliesMarcus Celt1 day agoNever Trust a JEW14REPLYMatt MATT5733 days agoBy no means, should anyone smoke from this chics pipe7REPLYEl Tigrero2 days agodudes, she’s a jew, what did you expect?17REPLYTroy Ramsier3 days agoWaiting for the Clap of Thunder and the Lightning Strike…!8REPLYSiddhartha021 day agoNext up, Marianne Williamson holds prayer of apology for the millions of Russians and Ukrainians murdered during the Bolshevik revolution led mostly by people from one specific tribe which she is a part of. Am I playing this game of inherited sin correctly?Read more6REPLYJacob Reedy1 day agoLet’s get the dislikes to 1,000 shall we😂👍🏻.5REPLYFellow Goy18 hours agoSay it with me: Every. Single. Time. I’m so tired of these people. I’m completely thunderstruck.5REPLYMichael Johnson3 days agoThis only shows that the Democrats are only good at pandering for votes and failures on actual policy.13REPLYZEPZO3 days agohow about leading blacks in prayer to apologize for being 12% of us population but commit 52% of all violent crime..just a thought for your next sermon!6REPLYZao Medong3 days ago (edited)I’m white and I don’t apologize for slavery because I didn’t have anything to do with it so suck it30REPLYView 3 repliesMighty Whitey1 day agoJUDEN!!!10REPLYK G3 days agoWtf was that screaming!!!!!! Omfg unbelievable.7REPLYRobert W.1 day ago(((My fellow White people)))10REPLY太白太白1 day ago…..this should go viral on some comedy channel ;))))3REPLYGlen Kay16 hours agoThis is so sickening words can not even describe4REPLYLissajous Curved1 day agoScreaming Drama Queen. Grand Solar Minimum. Winter is coming. No one will get reparations and she knows it.2REPLYkustjagara1 day agoThis is exactly why women should not be allowed to vote. Western women have no loyalty and hate their own men. This is why Muslim and African men keep their women down.3REPLYAlpharius Omegon1 day agoShip this traitor to Somalia, so she can apologize in person.2REPLYshannon1159015 hours agoThat woman is crazy as hell, saying American children isn’t taught about Black Hostory, because I recall taking a full semester of African American History back in the mid 70’s2REPLYStogie D1 day agoLol. Who came here just to thumb down?4REPLYLT’s Garage3 days agoThis right here is exactly what’s wrong with our country. We actually believe Wack jobs like this…7REPLYstryder 12173 days agoWOW! what a bunch of Brainwash dummies😂😂6REPLYt1tacal3 days agoRepeat after me “I will drink the kool-aid”8REPLYBrigids Cross2 days agoThis is satantic You’re a sick woman and everyone in that building needs help. Your god Satan must be proud.12REPLYView replymolochfeeds3 days agoThat was absolutely terrifying .12REPLYjay dowd16 hours agoThese people are sheep being led into socialist3REPLYKingFahtah3 days agoThis woman is whiter than Tim Wise. Oy gevalt.27REPLYPork Snag9 hours ago”You’ll know (((them))) by (((their))) fruits”6REPLYSam Houston2 days agoIt’s time to start up Auschwitz again. And put Marianne Williamson (real name Vishnevetsky) on the first train.11REPLYZach Payne3 days ago (edited)(((Marianne Williamson)))25REPLYView 4 repliesEdward Teach2 days agoMarianne Williamson.. Also known as, Grandma Quahlude. Trump 🇺🇸 2020.3REPLYRustyG573 days agoThis is disturbing. A quack leading quacks. Unfrknblvbl!5REPLY