The Role of Citizens in Developed Countries, its Benefits and What Africans can Learn


In those well-developed countries, every citizen plays a significant role in the growth of the economy, a great reason why these nations are far ahead as compared to developing countries. This explains why the economy of most developing countries is slow. Instead of citizens contributing fully to development of their country, they blame the government for lack of jobs, poor health, slow economic growth and are not willing to play part. While every person cannot be an entrepreneur, there are so many ways in which citizens can support the growth of their economy. And detailed below are some of the roles played by citizens in developing countries and what we can learn from them.

Getting foreign investors to invest in their country

Citizens in developed countries have taken the initiative to entice foreign investors to inject funds in their ever-growing economy. Many foreign investors will want to invest in these countries because they are assured of reaping high profits on invested resources. By inviting foreigners to invest in their countries is a great way of creating more job opportunities for fresh graduates which helps resolve unemployment, boost living standards as well as economic growth of the nation.

Support local companies

The majority of people in developed countries prefer buying goods produced locally. This promotes the growth of local businesses which will in turn pay taxes boosting the government income.

Paying taxes responsibly

Tax is an important factor in the development of any country as it serves as an income source of government. Citizens in developed countries understand well their civic duty of remitting tax returns on time which enables the government to plan early. This is contrary to most developing countries which do not have well laid down systems for collecting taxes. When tax system is not well implemented, chances are some citizens may evade paying their duties which reduces revenue collection and affects economic development.

Voting responsibly

It is the responsibility of every patriotic citizen to participate in the voting process. Citizens in developed countries are familiar with their constitution and vote for visionary leaders who can bring development to their nation.

This is the opposite of what most developing African countries do. They elect leaders based on tribe and ethnicity which has adversely impacted the development of the continent. This has barred visionary leaders the opportunity to transition their countries, leaving selfish and corrupt leaders to intimidate and violate their rights.


Citizens in developing countries especially Africa should learn from developed countries and contribute to the growth of their continent. For instance, everyone should pay taxes as required by the government, not engage in activities that will affect the economy such as money laundering. They should also use local goods and services instead of the imported ones. Those who stay abroad should also support their country by consuming products that are exported from their country to help boost economic development.


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