Clifford Owusu: In An African Home, Yes Means No


If you have yet to hear of Ghanaian-American comedian Clifford Owusu, then let us to enlighten you. Born in Ghana but raised in the Bronx, Clifford began making waves when he opened a Youtube account in 2009. A music lover at heart, Clifford started out by posting dance choreography and afro beat instrumentals. But soon enough, Clifford’s comedic sketches went viral. His videos- which explore the complex experience of growing up African in the U.S.- has caught the attention of both African and non-African viewers alike.

In this particular episode- which also happens to be one of his most popular videos to date- Clifford explores the meaning of ‘no’ in an African home. Check out his Youtube channel, and don’t forget to support the community by hitting the subscribe button!

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