US Africans and Thanksgiving Holiday


There is no Thanksgiving holiday celebration in African countries. Eating Turkeys, going out to visit friends or inviting families over, and family get-together on this day is only mostly common to North America. Curious to know what Africans in the US make of it and how they’ve assimilated into the idea, US African Immigrants Gist went out to the community.

We found out that while assimilating into a different culture could be quite difficult for many immigrants, Africans are embracing the challenge with grace – especially if that challenge means eating lots of turkey, enjoying a paid holiday or a time and half pay, and for students, a day or two off school.
Immigrants in the US must assimilate quicker or they leave their survival to chance. Many Africans who immigrated in recent years know this fact too well. Everything must blend. Either you like it here or you don’t, all boils down to live or leave.

Living is all that most Africans choose. One of our interviewees is our brother from Burkina Faso, Souleymane Porgo, a street vendor who was attacked by 5 men in a gang assault on May 2, 2017. .The assault almost claimed his life, but thank heavens is alive and well. Mr. Porgo who has been in the United States for 19 years says his wife is Jamaican, and though he goes back home to Burkina Faso often to visit, he loves it here in the US, and enjoys Thanksgiving.

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