Thursday News Highlights


Uganda Goes After Its Journalists

The Communication Commission of Uganda reportedly ordered its media firms to  “39” journalists and reporters, and demanded for submission of their contents for review after covering an artist’s turned politician.

Besigye, who goes by Bobi Wine on stage was also arrested. He’d been an advocate against Uganda’s referendum that extends presidential age limits. The nations’ journalists association is challenging the ground for this arrest and what they allegedly deem as retribution for doing their work.  

Abducted Children Were Released from Boko Haram Militia

The Nigerian Civilian Joint Task Force was reported to have  successfully helped free 900 abducted children by Boko Haram including the 104 girls abducted in 2014.

Malawi’s Presidential Election is Next

The Malawians presidential election is scheduled to happen next week Tuesday. Only about 6 millions out of the country’s 18 million citizens are expected to come out to vote. It’s incumbent President, Peter Mutharika, who came to power in 2014 is reportedly struggling.

Archie is His Name

Megan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby was born last week. He instantly gained the title of an “Earl”, which means a British nobleman of certain high ranking, but the new parents are reportedly ditching the title.

The couple married May 19th last year.

NYC Mayor Bids For President

The NYC Mayor, Bill De Blasio has finally entered the US presidential race after a period of contemplation. He’ll be joining  a long list of democrat candidates who are equally eyeing the White House.

The mainstream media somehow are documenting a ton of reasons why De Blasio shouldn’t run, but others are questioning why shouldn’t he?

Headscarf Ban in Austria

Austrian right-wing law makers have successfully influenced the passing of headscarf bans into law. No more headscarf in all its elementary schools. This law is  specifically against headscarf as the Jewish Patkas was not included. Critics cited Islamophobia in practice.

Hungarian Prime Minister To Visit White House

Hungarian Prime Minister, a nationalist , was invited by President Trump to visit. It was reported that he made several attempts to visit while President Obama was in office, but to no avail.


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