Terrorists — Why They Do What They Do


Our world is in constant fear of terrorism. Many lives and families have been lost due to these deadly activists, and they seem to be motivated by internal forces beyond their control.

Over the years, the government of several nations has tried to curb the menace of terrorism. However, these terrorist groups seem to be growing by the day.

What’s their driving force? Why do they do what they do? And in what practical ways can we combat these inhumane activities and prevent it from springing forth in the next generation?

If these questions can be fully understood and answered, then combating terrorism would be a walk in the park.

What’s more, if the underlying force behind terrorism is fully understood, the young generation can be prevented from joining/forming a terrorist group.

The Force Behind Terrorism.

Terrorists come in various forms — it may be in the form of white supremacist, an anti-government cult in the United States, Islamic extremist, Jewish terrorist, and Hindu extremist. Whatever way they appear, they’re out there to inflict harm, cause chaos, and make the citizens of the world lose their peace of mind.

To effectively fight terrorism, we must understand how they think, and ask the tough questions that would help us understand their fundamental way of reasoning.

The truth is, the fight against terrorism becomes viable when we get into the minds of these guys and figure out how their brain is wired.

Interestingly, studies have shown that terrorists are not psychopaths — they’re ordinary people who are loved by their close relatives. Just like you, they have families, and most of them have day jobs.

They believe in a cause which they’re willing to die for. Unfortunately, they do not see the flaw in their belief system.

Terrorists are entirely different from other bad guys out there. Typically, terrorist respond to group ideology. And this ideology is usually born out of the desire to be loved, respected, and the desire to be recognized in society.

The human species have been around for centuries. Even though we’ve experienced technology advancement, the human mind pretty much remains the same. We all crave to be part of a group — we want to be identified for something. And humans are likely to go to different lengths to fulfill this basic psychological need.

Contrary to popular belief, people don’t join groups, gangs, and fraternity because of what they do; rather it stems from the psychological need to belong and be part of a group.

It also explains why most people who are likely to be recruited by terrorists are the poor (or violent) who by definition are not recognized by society.

Therefore, to fill up the void, they join a higher cause which will likely bring them to light and social recognition.

Furthermore, you’d see that middle-class kids of immigrants who feel alone, left out, and not appreciated by their host countries are likely to join ISIS and other deadly terror organization.

What’s more, terrorism is built around ideology — ideology impacts the human brain in a unique way. And in most cases, these ideologies are centered on victimhood. This victim mindset explains why terrorists usually spring forth from the minority group in a given society.

Terrorism And You

Here’s what may surprise you…

When people join terrorism, they may see it as a practical way of solving real social issues. Most times, their reason is entirely different from the religious message they spread. Some are driven by love, hate, and fear while others are inspired by the craving for adventure, power, greed, and land.

The religious ones have a narrow view of the world. To them, the world is merely good or evil — no middle ground. And terrorism seems to be their way of restoring sanity to the world.

There are also others who are into terrorism as a means of livelihood — that’s the way they put food on the table.

There’s no straight cure for terrorism, but there should be a way of preventing these guys from laying hands on sophisticated weapons.

Let’s face it, without these weapons; they won’t be able to inflict harms on the regular folks on the streets.

Have you come across a terrorist before? What did you notice about him/her?

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