Sanbra Market and Ballroom


Welcome to the Bronx, the homebase of Sanbra Household Market. We carry all kinds of imported African and Caribbean goods including food stock, fish stock, and frozen meat. While you are shopping, take a moment to enjoy nutritious, authentic, and affordably priced African food prepared in our high-toned lovely provincial restaurant. Try our Hot Pepper Soup with rich goat meat and delicious cow feet, Roasted Lamb, Jollof Rice, Pounded Yam, Lafun, Okro Soup, Veggies, Egusi Soup, Salmon, Tilapia Fish, and more – all cooked and garnished Ghana style!

Our Ballroom is situated in a perfect location for all your events. It’s spacious, beautiful, and very customizable to suite your needs. Inquire about our holiday season discount package when you call.


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