Is Your Resolution Going with the Winds?



Reviewing Progress on New Year’s Resolution Pledges

The New Year has started, but something also started with it – your personal goals. You have made several pledges (New Year’s Resolution) that would propel you to your promise land which is a good way to start the New Year.
Making pledges is not difficult. The issue is holding on to them and achieving your goals. One study reveals that over 88 percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions fail to keep them. But you could be among the selected few that will not only make pledges but adhere strictly to them.
The New Year has just begun, and yes, January is gone already! Well, you can still keep up with your pledges for the remaining months even if you haven’t been able to, and here are thoughts:
Motivation to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions
Many of us have made series of New Year resolutions at some point in our lives but failed to keep them. In fact, 90 percent of us are guilty of this. There is more to gain in staying positive though, and much more to lose in beating oneself dead about a missed goal. Read this book: What you need is stay motivated, and success would be yours.

Staying motivated and keeping up with any faith you could muster is the constant flow of energy needed to get there. It’s like a tiny line of water that flows constantly; making it into your veins to keep you dehydrated. Remember, water could always find its way no matter how blocked its path, so stay on the positive side. Avoid all sources of negative energy. Don’t entertain it in your thoughts, and avoid it as best possible from people even if they are loved ones. If you are constantly feeling drained and incapable to move on in your planned goals, right now, at the end of your first month, is the time to pause and remedy. You may want to overcome the inner challenges that are keeping you weak and leading you to quit your goals first before you continue on the physical. Read Burney’s book here Know that all strengths to accomplish anything worthy need to materialize first from the inside (your mind and your spirit).
There is light at the end of the tunnel, the life of a renowned model depicted that. Let’s go to Marilyn Monroe’s dream world and learn something. She had a dream to become a model, but her agents told her categorically she can never become one. Despite the negative utterances from her agents who were supposed to encourage her, Monroe became a huge success. To make matters worse, she was an orphan. She never considered her status, but kept her eyes on her goal.
If you are faced with not-so-close to similar challenges as Monroe, know for sure that with just a little discipline and staying positive you can achieve greatness in life. Here is the killer fact: the storms of life will surely come. But here is the accusatorial standard against this fact: stand your ground. Get the universe on your side. Think positive. Speak positive. Act out what you’d like to see. Remain focused and you will achieve your goal.
Ways to make your New Year’s Resolution Work
Below are several factors to consider when drafting your New Year’s resolution to make it work. Read on!

The Power of writing
You can only to adhere to rules when you remember them, and the same thing goes for pledges you have made. That said making pledges by just saying it won’t hold water. We have said many things with our mouth which we forget to act upon unless someone reminds us. No one offer guide on this better than Anne Klauser
Research shows that it is possible to remember 70 percent of ideas or plans that we say and write down. In fact, writing your pledges down will give you the opportunity to transform them from your short-term to long-term memory even as you reflect on them regularly.
We are in the digital era where people enjoy reading from either a computer system or mobile phone. Most of these devices also come with options that allow users to write and set reminders. Just use every means available to take your pledges down. Go the old school way if you want by simply inking on a journal, or go digital on a computer or even a tape recorder so you can somehow creatively have your planned goal read back to you. Amazingly, this new “personal assistant”, Echo, could help read goals out loud if set up properly It’ll be perfect if it could also motivate and act like a buddy who keeps motivated right?
“Words are a lens to focus one’s mind” – Ayn Rand
Create Realistic New Year’s Resolutions
Sorry to say this, but most of our goals or pledges are not realistic. They are not what we can achieve giving the situation surround us. It could be political, environmental or factors you cannot control. You need to sit down and think carefully before making any pledge. If you have ten New Year’s resolutions to work towards, take time to think about each one of them before adding them to your list.
Ask yourself these questions; are my goals achievable? Will I be able to surmount the pressure or stumbling block that may prevent me from achieving them? Which of the ten resolutions is achievable?
These are few questions you should ask yourself. There is also a limit you can take, have that at the back of your mind. Can you remember making more pledges last year, and could only achieve few of them? So, think carefully before setting goals. Do not make more pledges than you can handle.
“Resolution, like responsibility, is a product of ownership, and kids can’t resolve a conflict until they figure out how they contributed to it.” – Richard Eyre
You can choose goals that are related. For example, you plan on losing weight, and the same time wants to cut down on your sugar cravings. That is good because excess sugar might even make it difficult for you to lose weight. And since both goals are related, achieving one means achieving the other.
Plan a reward system
Little children show appreciation when you reward them. They can even go out of their way just to please you. Adults do the same thing. Writing down your pledges for the New Year isn’t enough, though is one side of the puzzle. You need to put mechanisms in place to reward yourself.
When drafting your New Year’s resolutions, think of how you are going to reward yourself when you start achieving your goals. Make a list of the benchmarks you are planning to reach and attach little prizes to each. Then the biggest will be when you get to the final destination.

Mention how you intend to achieve your pledges
Before the building of a house commences, the architect has to first and foremost come up with a plan of the house. You can’t just start building a skyscraper without a working plan even if you have the resources to accomplish the goal.
Break your pledges down into smaller, achievable units. If your goal is to lose 96 pounds before the end of the year, break it down into weekly and then monthly goals. You can set plans to lose 2 pounds every week, and then 8 pounds a month. Put this down on paper and reflect on it every day if you can.
Invent an Alternative Route
You’ll need an alternative plan to fill in for what you are giving away. For instance, if you pledge yourself not to smoke in a month, be realistic about what you’ll do when the urge comes. ‘I’m going to take a bath when I feel the urge’, ‘if i’m not where I can take abath, I’m going to dance’, ‘listen to music’, ‘pray or meditate’, ‘call my mentor’, etc. If you are trying to lose wait, be prepared on what you’ll do when your colleagues bring cakes around the office for birthdays. Some of your plans could be: ‘I’m going to run away!’ (No, not literally, or you’ll get a name for yourself:)). A better strategy on running away is first ensure you aren’t hungry when you join the office crew, hold a bottle of water in your hand throughout, offer to serve the cakes to others, give reasonable excuse to leave as soon as the singing ends and the cake is getting divi up.
Think of the benefits if the pledges are achieved
Our reason for buying a brand new product is the benefits it offers. The same knowledge should be used when writing your pledges. For instance, if one of your pledges is to lose weight, then what is the benefit? The thing is obesity is related to many life-threatening conditions, so losing weight means improved health. Your looks will also improve too. Sexy you!
Take time to think about the benefits when drafting your pledges, and when you start working towards achieving your goals. Thinking about the benefits alone will motivate you to work harder.
Reflect on possible obstacles
Most people draft New Year’s resolutions without considering the obstacles that may prevent them from achieving their goals. And when they come across obstacles, they may even abandon everything because they didn’t prepare for it.
For instance, if the New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking, then don’t leave packet of cigarettes in your room or be around friends that are still smoking. You might not be able to resist the temptation.
Get others involved
There could be individuals who share similar resolutions with you. So, if your plan is to lose weight, find someone with the same pledge. You can both motivate each other and work together to achieve the goal. Even a student that wants to make certain grades can look for another student that wants the same thing.
Wrapping it up
If your New Year’s resolutions will better your life, there is no reason for you not to achieve them. Everything is possible only if you believe and work towards it. Fear and procrastination are two things preventing most of us from achieving our pledges. But we have to fight them and make this year different. Happy New Year once again, and see you at the top.

Written by Clement Okperigho; edited by US African Immigrants Gist.

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