Pope Francis in his planned visits to three selected African countries arrived at Mozambique this past Wednesday September 4th 2019 for a 3-day visit. While in Mozambique, he attended a Mass at Maputo National Stadium where he advised political leaders in the country to avoid corrupt practices. The country is yet to recover from an unaccounted $2 billion loan that was purportedly taken to develop maritime facilities. The Pope seeks to see the developmental programme that reduces poverty level in the country pursued vigorously.

The concerted efforts made to broker peace between the government and rebel fighters was applauded by the Pope. His stay in Mozambique was rounded off on Friday 6th September, 2019 with a visit to an HIV/AIDS hospital belonging to Saint Egidio community.

Pope Francis was received and welcomed in Madagascar on Friday 6th September 2019. He encouraged everyone in the country to join hands on protecting the environment. Madagascar’s forest continues to shrink yearly due to deforestation that is enriching pockets of some powerful and elites in the country.

The Pope continued his visit to Mauritius on Monday 9th September 2019. He performed Holy Mass at the Monument of Mary Queen of Peace, and made a courtesy call to the country’s leaders.

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